Friday, February 6, 2015

Juju Eats has great salads and wraps but try not to go when you're hungry

When my sister was telling me we should try Juju Eats, which opened recently in Eastwood, I wanted to try it because my sister isn't really the salad kind of girl. 

Juju Eats is in the building in Eastwood that leads out to Calle Industria.
It's the same Juju of the overpriced cleansing juice fame.
Something that's just not for me.
When you enter, you clearly feel like you're in a big salad bar.
You choose between a salad or a wrap. You can make your own,
or just order one of the recommended best sellers.
Look at all the fresh ingredients you can choose from.
We don't believe in complicating things like food so we ordered from the menu.
Every thing is served in a metal bowl, so you feel a little bit like a dog.
I had the Thai Beef Salad. It was ok, better with Sriracha.
But as a salad, it doesn't feel to meaty. Half  Salad Php220.
Quite pricey, since you'll need to order more to get full.
Then I shared a Chicken Ceasar Wrap (Php180) with Ady. This was really good.
Cheese Bacon goodness in every bite. It felt more filling than the salad.
Then Ady had an Ay Caramba Wrap (Php155) without the beans.
Tasted like a Mexican Soft Taco with a kick. Not too bad.
They also have a collaboration with Sonja's Cupcakes. Mini Chocolate or
Carrot Cupcakes that are overpriced at Php45 but justified by being gluten free.

I think the wraps are so much better (and more filling too) than the salad, but even then, I'll only eat here again if I were looking for a light meal, because otherwise, I wouldn't get full, and that's already taking into account that I am eating both half a salad and a wrap. just saying.

Juju Eats
Ground Floor, LeGrand Tower 1 
Eastwood City 
Libis, Quezon City

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