Sunday, January 21, 2018

S'mores by Sofia

Sofia has cooking class in school. She was so proud of learning how to make S'mores, she insisted on re-creating it at home.

S'mores by Sofia:

Break your graham crackers into squares.
Top with chocolate. We used Royce Dark Chocolate Squares.
Top with marshmallows. 

Bake until golden brown.
Sof didn't know how many minutes to tell the yaya, so she stood there and waited for it to turn brown.

Then top with another graham cracker square.

Tip: Smaller marshmallows melt faster, become more gooey. The big ones handle better if you like them just right.

Diet Portion for mom. Half the carbs.  just saying.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Homegrown Organics for Fresh Veggies delivered straight to your door

After shopping so much this year (and it's only mid-January!!!), I put myself on an online shopping ban. I have quite a few loopholes though.

One of them is I can still shop for food. So I can still do honestbee and I finally tried out Homegrown Organics which I always see my previous boss raving about on facebook.

Uhm, to be totally honest, I ordered my groceries from Thailand where I was on a business trip, because I needed a shopping fix (yes, I am Nicole, and I am a Shopaholic!) and I was quite excited to try them out.

It was such a pleasant experience. Their website is very user friendly. The first offer I saw was a free bag of organic tomatoes which you can add to your cart (sucker for a freebie that I am, I was sold!). They will deliver your vegetables for free if you spend Php350. That was a bit of a challenge for me because I am leaving again for Bangkok this week so I didn't need too much vegetables.

I bought some zucchini for zoodles, some spinach, and coffee so I could get free shipping. My bill was Php400. I just told the helper to expect it, and prepare the cash if it was delivered while I was out. 

My vegetables were delivered the next day. The courier messaged me before coming with the estimated delivery time and my bill, which is convenient just in case you forget. I ended up paying only Php325 because half my spinach order was not available. I got free delivery anyway.

Baked Tomato, Basil, Zucchini and Kesong Puti  Egg Cups for brunch and
Chili Garlic Zoodles for lunch.  

Now I can order organic veggies anytime I have the urge to shop online. Hahaha. I'll get to eat healthier pa. just saying. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sofia's Unboxing Series: Playmore x 7-11 Gummy Blocks (just like Lego)

Another cool find from my 7-11 Thailand panic-buying spree.

Sofia's Review:
The gummies are super yummy especially the yellow one.


It's a bit hard to build though, and you don't have a lot of bricks in one pack.

Needless to say, Sofia also asked me to hoard more of this for her next week. Truly my mini-me. Well, it is quite a steal for 29 Baht.  just saying.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sofia's Unboxing Series: 7-11 x Gudetama Summer Time DIY Chocolates

I just came from a business trip to Bangkok, where I didn't really get a chance to shop, so I panic-shopped at 7-11 instead. One of my coolest finds was this 7-11 x Gudetama Summer Time box. I wasn't really sure what it was, but for 25Baht, what the heck right? It turned out to be such a winner find.

This is Sofia's unboxing photo-journal.
*all the photos were taken by Sofia (except for the action shots taken by Ninang Ady)

you only need hot water

then you need to put it in the freezer

The box makes 2 sets. Sof and Ninang Ady were too lazy to use the chocolate tube for adding the details. Since I thought this post was incomplete without it, I made a deal to use the second set, in exchange for buying more, since I am flying back to Thailand this week.

Sofia's Review:
The chocolate is a bit hard to mold because you need to make sure that the chocolate is flat. It tastes very yummy, a little on the sweet side. Gudetama is orange flavored white chocolate!

It must really be good because I have strict instructions to look for this and hoard more on my trip next week. just saying. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Paris Revisited Winter 2017

When we did an impulse Eastern Europe trip this Winter, I said I needed to pass Paris before flying home to close my bank account since HSBC has been giving me a hard time. I didn't expect our Prague, Vienna and Budapest legs to be so much fun... and so inexpensive too, that my trip budget was virtually untouched when we arrived in Paris, which sort of gave me license to go all out and shop.

Jem, Ady and I were in Paris for 2 nights (Jem stayed longer with Ivan). We stayed in this nice boutique hotel in the Saint Michel area which was excellently located, plus they had a lift too!

Their lift fits 3... but it was quite a tight squeeze with
Since we arrived late in the afternoon, and we only had one full day, we decided to make a go of it, and run directly to the outlet.

Hello, La Vallee Village (with a strict 30 minute stopover at Primark to get all of Fi's bilin). I think we arrived 1-2 hours before closing, but we managed to make good use of what little time we had.

We bought so much and had such a long travelling day (we flew in via Beauvais Airport!) that we just simply collapsed in the comfy couches in the mall as soon as all the stores closed.

You can see us in the ceiling reflection.

We treated ourselves to comfort food for dinner in none other than Leon de Bruxelles.

The restaurant was probably only a 10-minute walk to our hotel... but we really didn't have any more energy to walk. It was really worth it though, because we filled the cab with all our shopping bags.

And the lift too!!! Again!!!

Our hotel was very cute, but you need to borrow a water
and you should go in Winter, so you can use the
window sill as your fridge.

La Bagagerie is walking distance, so I bought my set of Rimowa luggage, and I just pulled it home. With a stop for some Pain Au Chocolat.

Hooray for luggage that matches my scarf.
We also went to the Rimowa flagship store so Ady could also buy luggage. 

This was the prettiest store on
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Our favorite Hema Store is now also in Chatelet (inside the Metro Station).

Over-all it was really a great shopping trip (which I
haven't had in ages!) My Valentino Haul not in photos.

Food-wise, we also tried several great places, from Tim's favorite Cheap Eats Category on TripAdvisor that they deserve their own post.

 Culture Crêpes in Saint Michel

Bistro Des Augustins for winner Gratin, with a view of
the river and Notre Dame.

Then we capped of the meal with dessert from
Factory & Co.

Their Key Lime Pie is so yummy... and it's light. Just like air. Hahaha.

We still had a full lift when we left... minus Jem and
her things.

At the hotel courtyard.

At the hotel walkway.
I think I now prefer Paris in the winter over spring. So the question is, do I go back in a few weeks, while it is still Winter? or do I wait till December? I am still using bank errands as my excuse (thanks to HSBC's inefficiency). just saying.

Hotel Excelsior Latin 
20 Rue Cujas, 
75005 Paris, France

Culture Crêpes
26 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 
75006 Paris, France

Bistro des Augustins
39 Quai des Grands Augustins, 
75006 Paris, France