Sunday, January 12, 2014

Playa Laiya Beach Club

A few days before the new year, we were able to finally make it to the beach. We were sort of planning to go to the beach because of all the Beach themed Christmas gifts (we gave and received), but things got complicated when we couldn't find a resort in Laiya with available rooms. Not that we tried very hard. Too keep things more simple, we decided to do a day trip instead, and spend the day at the Playa Laiya Beach Club

It's always been my dream to own a beach house so a few years back, I invested in a beach lot in Playa Laiya. Being a lot owner, grants you immediate membership in the beach club. I have never visited the place since the Beach Club opened so I even brought a Playa Laiya Newsletter sent to me, as it's my only proof of lot ownership.

Since the beach is around 2 hours away from Alabang, we all met up at
Tim's house at 6am, with a Starbucks and Toilet Break on the way.
I think we arrived at the Beach before 10am.
This is the Playa Laiya Beach Club.

As long as you arrive with a member, you just need to pay Php100 per person to use the facilities. They no longer differentiate about whether a guest will swim in the pool or not, as long as you enter, you need to pay, but I find the price to be pretty reasonable.

Guests who have been endorsed by members can also use the facilities, but they will be charged Php200-Php250 per person depending on whether it's peak season or not. Beach and Pool Cabanas are available for rent ranging from Php750 - Php2,700 depending on the location and size.

The sand is nice and white enough.
We opted to get a Beach Cabana for Php1,250 so those who drove
could sleep in comfort.
Ninong Tim was taking so long getting ready
so Sofia was helping him with the tanning oil.
We both love, love, love the beach.
Time to start saving for the beach house.
At first, Sofia didn't really want to get wet. She has a thing about not
liking to walk in the sand, and not liking to swim anywhere with fish.
But before you knew it, she was swimming like a fish in the sea,
and she didn't even want to get out for lunch.
The good thing about Philippine Beaches is that there are taho vendors
on the shore.
We bought taho both for the protein, and also so we could use the
cup for the shells Sofia picked up.

While most of the other guests we saw brought their own picnic, or barbecued their own lunch, we opted to eat at the Restaurant in the beach club instead.
Jem and Ivan had Bulalo (Php450) to share.
We ordered the set meals (grilled chicken, grilled pork chops and
sinigang na lechon) Php300 that came with rice and dessert.
While the food was reasonably priced, we noticed that the soupy dishes were much better. You can even ask for more soup, and they give you some without extra cost. It was surprisingly the grilled meat that was bland and overcooked. I hope they fix the quality of food in the kitchen because it's much more convenient to order from them and eat there, then lug around your whole kitchen.

This is the view of the pool and poolside cabanas from the restaurant.

After lunch, we decided to lie on the lounge chairs (usage is free of charge) by the pool instead, while Sofia wanted to swim in the pool of course!

After we power napped (while Sofia and the boys swam), we decided to go back to the beach, para di naman sayang yung cabana rental.
In the background are the other poolside cabanas.
The smaller ones go for Php750.
Ninong Tim brought lengua de gato cookies
for snack time at the beach.

The main reason we went to the beach, was so we could try out the "sand-repellent" beach mats that Tim gave us for Christmas.
It fairly works. Except when you really plop on the blanket with a lot of sand
 stuck to you. This is Sofia complaining about the sand she dragged in.
The material of the beach mat makes it very easy to shake off the sand.
Sofia and the really small sand castle she made with Ninong.
This is Sofia's first visit to the beach where I saw her
really really enjoy herself.

The beach in Playa Laiya is really beautiful, even if the water is a little bit on the brownish side (because of the sand). 

Since we weren't staying over, we started getting ready around 5PM. I don't think the restaurant had much business because they even went to us at our beach cabana to ask if we wanted to order any snacks.

Last dip in the sea.
Sofia loves going to the beach with Ninong.
Pink Girls
and Blue Boys.
Thanks for the Beach Mats Tim!!!
Laiya at Sunset
I can't wait to have my beach house so I can have
a Life on the Sands. (For some weekends at least!)

The only disappointing thing about the entire experience is the toilet and bathing rooms. I thought Playa Laiya Beach Club was fairly new (and exclusive), but you wouldn't get that feeling when you attempt to shower before leaving.
The locks of most toilet and shower doors were broken.
A lot of the light bulbs were busted so you need to shower in the dark.
The hole near the shower is a source of a cold draft (design flaw?).
And the clincher is, not all showers have water.
Hot water is non-existent too. But actually, we'll settle for just water.
Super Que Horror!!!
I actually told the lady at the reception all my complaints, and she said she'll have it fixed, but I can't imagine that this is new to her. Doesn't the management do spot checks to ensure that members are at least able to enjoy a quick shower with water and lights in a shower stall with locks? 

Over-all, despite the really bad shower experience, Sofia really enjoyed herself so I am sure we will be back.

The beach trip was a nice way to end the year.
Good bye 2013! Hello 2014!
See you soon Beach House!

When we arrived in the morning, they had a membership counter where I could get my photo taken. I am now officially a Lando Priviledge Club Member. I think all Landco lot owners, now are able to use all the Landco Properties, as long as they make reservations before hand.
Thank you very much for the Royce Chocolate Landco!
I hope you get the shower facilities in order, and everything would be perfect!
Sofia and Ninong Tim after the day on the beach.
T-Shirt lang ni Ninong and umitim! just saying.

Playa Laiya
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
You can visit the Landco website here,
or the Playa Laiya Beach Club Facebook Page here.

I think lots are still available for sale. Buy Now! We might ended up neighbors. just saying.  


  1. Hi Coley! I'd like to visit Playa Laiya Beach Club and your blog just made me wanna do it the earliest time I can possible, I haven't known any land owners though, would you know if they can allow me and my family to enter even with the Guests rate or at an additional cost. I just think most of the resorts in San Juan are pretty crowded. So i would opt to some place like this. Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marj,
      you can contact them here:

  2. Hi coley, planning to invest also in laiya, what is your comments so far? Saan ang location mo sa laiya?

    1. Hi Ritchie, I bought a lot from Playa Laiya. It's in San Juan, Laiya, Batangas developed by Landco. You can visit their website here:

  3. Hi! Stumbled upon your site while googling Playa Laiya. My hubby and I are contemplating on buying a lot. Just would like to get your feedback on the development of the area so far. Is it fully developed already? We are overseas so we are doing all our research online. We are actually contemplating between Porto Laiya and Playa Laiya. But given that Landco is the developer of Playa, it has an edge when it comes to perks given that you will have access to other Landco developments. Looking forward to your reply. God bless

    1. Hi, I haven't been to Playa Laiya in ages. (since this post actually). I have never heard of Porto Laiya though - but Landco is a very good developer. The place was nice the last time we visited and the facilities were already in place. I am thinking of selling my lot there, so if you decide to buy at Playa after you do your research you may want to message me again. My lot is beside the highway (on the beach side) I thought I would get to use it a lot because I used to love the beach but it isn't turning out that way. Anyway, thanks for your message Marvin and all the best.

    2. Hi coley, may I ask how much you are selling your lot? Thank you.

    3. Hi Cherry, Thank you for the interest. I will consider fair offers below slightly market value, but I haven't really tried selling my lot yet so I don't have a price. You can email me through the contact button/form on the right so I can reply to your offer :)

  4. Thanks Coley for your quick reply, appreciate it :) Would you mind sharing details of your lot e.g. size, which block/phase, price per sq m, etc? You may send me an email in the same address I used to post this comment. We actually emailed Landco last week but they haven't replied. Resie here by the way ��

    1. Hi Resie, can you message me through the Contact Form on the right side bar? I am unable to email you from here :) Thanks.