Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Charles and Keith Outlet Store


When I lived in Manila, one of the reasons I go to Singapore is to buy Charles and Keith shoes, aside from visiting my really good friend Tim of course! Charles and Keith is a local Singapore company so the shoes are much cheaper here compared to Manila or any other country I've been too.

It came as a super bonus when I found out that Charles and Keith not only had an Outlet Store, it was very accessible too, and it's right across IKEA, one of our favorite places here. 

Whenever we have shopaholic visitors, who are looking for good bargains (which is not that easy to find in Singapore unless it's sale season), I always recommend to them to visit Anchorpoint Shopping Mall on Alexandra Road first. It's one of the first outlet malls in Singapore with the sale outlets of Charles and Keith, Pedro, G2000, Cotton-On, Cotton-On Kids, Billabong, Giordano and Fox among others.

Anchorpoint Mall on Alexandra Road

My favorite stores are always Charles and Keith, Cotton-On and Cotton-On Kids as I always manage to buy something for myself, my sister and Sofia. During the last visit of my family, I think we managed to buy at least 10 pairs, among all of us (my sister, my cousin and my aunt) each time we went. For die hard shopaholics, this mall normally merits a second visit, to go back for the things that they forgot they needed to buy to, or for the things that they decided they JUST had to have. Hahaha.

Charles and Keith Shop Window
Cotton On Outlet
Cotton On Kids Outlet

Here's my Charles and Keith haul from their visit, which I also mentioned here:

The Charles and Keith Outlet Store normally offers a bigger discount than the regular stores. For Chinese New Year, the regular boutiques were offering discounts up to 50% off, while the outlet store had discounts up to 70% off. The stock they sell in the outlet store are from the past collections, so if you want the new collection, you won't find it there. Even the sale stock at the regular boutique is not often available in the Outlet store so it's still worth a visit to go to the regular stores if you're looking for something in particular from the current season.

Since I now live here, I tell myself I no longer need to hoard Charles and Keith shoes. I used to buy 10 pairs a trip because we only visited Singapore once or twice a year from the regular boutique, normally my criteria was anything I fell in love with, or anything I liked that was on sale. I have higher standards now, I only buy my Charles and Keith on sale, except I when I need shoes to match a particular dress for a certain occasion like a wedding, that's like a free pass.

Since I know I am going home soon, I have started hoarding again. I have imeldific tendencies, I know! I even plan to shop from the current collection (since it will still be cheaper than Manila prices) just before I move home for good.

Here are the shoes I bought last time, and their sale prices, guaranteed to make the shoe lovers drool.

Cream Patent Pumps with Grey Suede Trim and Silver Mary Jane strap
from the Charles and Keith Signature Collection
 From SG$75.00 Now SG$14.90
Dark Brown Satin Pointed Pumps with animal print ankle strap
From SG$43.90 Now SG$12.90
Brown Strappy Sandals with Gold Studs
I tried it on because of the price, I bought it because it was so comfy!
From SG$41.90 Now SG$14.90
Pink Beige and Black High Heeled Sandals
I have this is the Cream and Gold version
From SG$41.90 Now SG14.90

This is the most expensive least on sale pair that I bought. I really wanted to buy a wedge pair. And since I can brought this to Sri Lanka, I was willing to cough up the cash for this one (hahaha, as if it would break the bank!), while all the other heels I bought were in preparation for a job I do not have yet!
Faux Snake Skin with Grey Strap Wedges
From SG$41.90 Now SG$25.90

My sister and my cousin also bought loads of shoes from Charles and Keith and clothes from Cotton-On.
We were all very happy shoppers.

The Charles and Keith Outlet Store is at
370 Alexandra Road
#01-30/31 Anchorpoint
Tel: (+65) 64726937

Happy Shopping! :) Or better yet, drop me a line if you're going, so if I'm in town, I'll join you. 

My friend Anna's husband Hans,
after their first visit to Anchorpoint Mall.
I think there was a second and a third visit too!


  1. You are a gem coley :) i will not let my wife see this blog at least. she will demand a Singapore visit again :D

    1. Bring her and stay with us :) We have an extra room (Sofia's) for guests!

  2. This is a Shopping Tip worth remembering. Thanks Cols :-)

    1. Adds, come and visit with your kids, stay with us. We'll be here at least until July!

  3. Hi. Thanks for the tip. Do you know where are the other cotton on outlets in Singapore?

  4. Will definitely drop by at these stores soon! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Wow, your pics are so cool and so your post. I like your site so much. How thoughtful you are. Where do you get the inspiration for such creativity!!!! You’re so cool! I don’t suppose I’ve read anything like this before.
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  6. How do you get there?!

    1. You can take a taxi or find the best transport options from gothere.sg

  7. Very Classy and elegant Charles and Keith Bags indeed ...sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!

  8. Check out the charles & keith Fall campaign 2015 collection. I find this season's design to be much better than the previous one.

  9. Hey Coley, This was very helpful. Thank you.
    Do they also keep Hand bags in this Outlet?

    1. Yes they do. They also have small accessories like sunglasses and wallets too.