Thursday, May 16, 2013

Made in Taiwan: Sophisca Chocolates

Sophisca is a quirky local Taiwanese Chocolate and Candy Boutique (I think the first of its kind in Taiwan) that stands for:

H=High Quality高品質的產品要求。

*the chinese subtitles came from their website

Sophisca in XiMenDing

Sophisca boldly claims that "Choco is Better than Sex" and they have a lot of unique items that make you want to go into the store, browse, try a lot of things, the bring home the quirkiest finds as presents for crazy friends.

The look and feel of the store is premium.
But generally, the prices were quite reasonable.

They seem to be famous for their weird chocolates that would make good prank gifts.
Delicious Condoms
Sanitary Pads in Sophie Chocolate or Marshmallow
Biagra (Taiwanese Viagra)
Band-Aid available in original and mint
Pill box with candy pills

While it's tempting to buy everything to give away, we had to think twice because we weren't really sure if Chocolates made in Taiwan taste good. The good thing is there are containers with loose chocolates so you can get an idea of what you're buying. You can also buy a few pieces to try which they sell by weight. 

Condoms in original and strawberry
The band aids look pretty ordinary.

There are also a lot of gift ideas.

Chocolates in cute bags
I hear they also have nama chocolates, but since we couldn't try,
we didn't want to buy because my benchmark is Royce.
They have this whole wall of mini chocolate boxes
you can mix and match to create a message.
The smaller boxes go into the big boxes on top.

Letters, Numbers, Chinese Characters and Phrases
Taipei is Love.
My weird daughter wanted to buy the
Happy Birthday chocolates.
Note to self:
This Picture will make a handy greeting someday.
You can even buy a box (NT$25 or Php40) to propose!

Our favorite discovery was Sophi's Choco
So many interesting flavors we wanted to try.
Sophi's Choco flavors. NT$50 (Php75) for a box.
We were happy to see they also had open boxes so we could try.
We bought one of each interesting thing.
We stood across the shop trying everything so we could easily go back.
We'd split it into tasting portions so it wasn't extreme sugar rush.
We bought 1 condom (NT$8 or Php12) but it wasn't as good as the rest.
We really liked the wasabi and the tiramisu.
The Wasabi and Tiramisu flavors are both dark chocolate based. The wasabi chocolate has a good kick without being unpleasant while the Tiramisu has coffee undertones.

We even went back to the store to try some of the
 flavors that didn't have any loose pieces.
Ma and Ady are funny.
They just realized there were only 9 pieces in a box.

Sophisca is really cool.
They also make wedding favors.
Bride and Groom candies.
They also have gummis in miniature fruit boxes.
Sweet and Savory biscuits.
Hard Candy Selection

I hope we get to try more of their products when we go to Taipei in October. just saying.

To get to Sophisca, follow the red arrow. Just use the XiMen MRT as your starting point.

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