Friday, March 27, 2015

Irvin's Salted Egg Potato Chips

I love anything salted egg, but I absolutely love it as a sauce.  
That's why I love Shrimp Bucket (in Manila) which you can read about here.  
That's why as soon as I tried Irvin's Salted Egg Sauce on the Singapore front- I've kept them on my Favorite Eating Places in Singapore List. Unfortunately, their restaurants in Singapore keep on closing down!!! You can read my post on their last restaurant here.

The good news though is they now make what they call their Salted Egg Best Sellers - which they at the various Pop Up booths they have around Singapore, or you can contact them through their website.

I love Irvin's so much that even before our trip to Singapore, I emailed them already asking for their Pop Up schedule when we were going to be in town. They are really nice, they always reply, in fact, as soon as they finalized their schedule, they informed me that during my dates in Singapore, they were going to have a Pop Up booth in Raffles Exchange.

I dragged Sofia with me to Raffles Exchange just to look for their booth, and if you plan to do the same in the future, let me just tell you it's not easy to find them, especially when you're tired and carrying a lot of shopping. Good thing we found them or I would have gotten very cranky.

I'd say the first step would be to look for the area with a lot of free standing stores, or just to make sure, you can email them before hand to ask for a landmark near their Pop Up Booth.
It's a good thing I saw this sign or I would have totally
missed them.
They just have this stand. I assume it used to be full of
chips, but it the few minutes we were there they sold
quite a lot, so might be a good idea to arrive early.

Since the chips were quite pricey at SG$7, I only bought 2 packs. Then I also asked for a bottle of Salted Egg Sauce.
I almost didn't buy since the lady wanted to give me a bottle with no label,
saying that all the bottles with labels were not for sale (WTF???) and I had
to come back tomorrow if I wanted a bottle with label.
In the end, I bought one anyway. Hahaha. Then I left it in Singapore,
and my brother picked it up, and left it somewhere, so I would have been SG$7.50
richer if I didn't buy it instead.
Sofia with my Salted Egg Finds

I tried the chips when we got home that night and my biggest regret was only buying 2 packs. They were soooo good!!! Ady and I wanted more we even convinced my brother (who was flying home a day later) to take her hand carry luggage and fill it with Salted Egg Potato Chips.  Unfortunately, he went to look for their booth in Suntec and did not find them (thus my tips above).

I am now exploring another way of addressing my Salted Egg Potato Chips craving. I emailed Irvin's and asked if they would deliver my order to my aunt's hotel over the weekend. They were nice enough to reply with their number (for faster coordination) and they are willing to deliver for free if we order for SG$100 (Php3000+ worth of Salted Egg Potato Chips! Yikes!) or we can just pay a SG$15 delivery fee. Let me just convince my aunt to bring it home, but that's definitely cheaper than flying to Singapore to eat junk food. just saying.


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