Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hummus Elijah for the best Mediterranean Food in Manila

When we were traveling in Europe last month, some of the best meals we had came from Tim's recommendations which he found on Tripadvisor's Cheap Eats List. If there was a list for Manila, I would definitely vote to add Hummus Elijah in it. Though that may be unnecessary since they have already been awarded as the Number 1 most searched in Zomato, and I heard from Ady that they are ranked Number 1 in 1,000+ restaurants in Makati as well.

I love discovering Hole in The Wall places, and thanks to Ady's Bureka (Israeli Cheese, Spinach or Potato Pie) craving, she found Hummus Elijah. You can even say it's hiding in plain sight, since it is right on Makati Avenue, very near/ almost across A Venue. 
Look for the Massage Place if you can't find it.
The place is on the second floor., but they have their own entrance.

Just to manage expectations before you continue reading, Hummus Elijah is a VEGETARIAN place. I am very much a carnivore, but I loved Hummus Elijah anyway.

The menu is basic. My recommendations are the Burekas (the family caan't agree if Feta or Spinach is better - so get both, and try the Potato one too!), Tabouleh, Shakshuka and Papa liked the BabaGanoush. Of course you shouldn't leave without having Baklava for dessert with the fresh mint tea, and don't forget to buy some to bring home as well, that's what we did.

Hummus Elijah sells basic Mediterranean staples as well.

We all enjoyed the food, even the parents, who just crashed our dinner for the company. 

This is the Bureka that brought us here.
It's very similar to the Greek Cheese Pies. No need to go to Greece now.
The Hummus is ok, but mine is better. Go ahead and order it since
chances are, I won't make for you anyway.

The Chili Sauce is the bomb! Don't put too much, it's potent.

Reen wanted something basic so she ordered a Grilled Cheese Pita,
which was also surprisingly good. It comes with boiled egg inside.

We all loved the Baklava for dessert.
Goes so well with Fresh Mint Tea, I had to buy Fresh Mint from the
supermarket yesterday so I could do this at home.

Take Home please, Hahaha,
I am actually eating them with fresh Mint Tea as I blog.

This server rocks! Thank you po Kuya,

We will definitely be back. just saying.

Hummus Elijah
7850 Makati Avenue, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila
They also deliver through

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