Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mickey's Rockin Roadshow

Yesterday, we watched Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. My cousin who is the queen of events (hahaha, it's her job to arrange them and we love all the perks that come with it) invited us because she had several free tickets. I wasn't super excited (referring to the kid in me) because I don't really remember watching any Disney Live shows from my childhood, as compared to Disney On Ice, which was a yearly tradition for us to watch when we were kids, but I was sure Sofia would enjoy it, so we gamely said yes.

Sofia really had a great time. Our seats turned out to be front row and center, so we had a good view and the kids had a lot of space to run and bounce around.

Can you find the hidden Mickey? Hahaha
When we arrived, only Ninang Ria was happy.
It was an 11am show and the kids are not morning people.
The cutie pie started smiling once we let him walk around.
Fif had to be tickled to smile.
Tristan came out to start the show...
Which caused Lukey to cry... Bwahahaha.
Then Goofy and the gang came out to sing and dance.
They were fixing up the stage for the talent show.
So Lukey was ok na with watching.
Mickey and Minnie up close.
The opening number.
They decide to go on the road to find performers for the talent show.
But their car broke down.
As they were walking around, Minnie spotted a shoe store, so she went in quickly to look.
I can totally relate!
It was run by the two step-sisters of Cinderella. 
Cinderella came in singing,
and Mickey was trying to convince her to audition for the talent show.
Cinderella's audition, with the two step-sisters watching.
Then they had more car trouble in Toy Story land.
Woody and Jesse came out doing tricks.
So together with Buzz, they were also convinced to join the talent show.
Then Tigger came out with his tire.
They needed one to replace the car's flat.
They also convinced him to join the fashion show
because of his bouncing talent. 
Tigger asked the people in the audience to bounce too!
During intermission, the sell expensive Disney paraphernalia.
A snow cone is Php300!!! (SG$9.00)
We brought our own snacks.
Lapid's Chicharon (pork rind) for the win.
I gave Lukey his first taste of Chicharon! Hooray.
During intermission,
the performers also come out to mingle with guests,
and choose a volunteer.
Alay and Lukey with the only Filipino in the cast.
Sofia and her new friend Reese.
The mom of the kids who volunteered (middle) also gets a special appearance.
Then Mickey and Minnie come out again at the start of the talent show.
Opening number of the talent show.
The first performer is Woody and Jesse.
Woody flips Jesse.
Then Buzz arrives from space.
Then Cinderella performs next.
She sings Bippety-Boppety-Boop with Fairy Godmother's help.
Fairy Godmother wears skater shoes to help her glide around the stage.
Then before our eyes, Cinderella's dress transforms into a ballgown.
Tristan the host played prince charming.
Then tigger performed next.
He sent several giant balls to the audience to bounce around.
Then the cast came out again for another number.
I thought we would get to clap to decide who won the talent show,
but I guess it wasn't a contest. Hahaha.
Donald finally got his Big Kaboom to work.
The finale with the cast saying goodbye.
Lukey slept through all of it.
Groupie pic of Fif and Uncle Doc!
Good bye Disney Friends!
See you when  you come back on Ice! 

The show was nice and short. The timing was just right for small kids to sit through (or sleep through). The best thing was we watched for free because I don't think I'd be willing to pay. Hahaha. But that's only because I am a cheapskate. Just Saying.

Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow will be in showing in Manila until September 15, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The Remaining Show Schedule:
September 9, 2012, Sunday, 10AM, 3PM and 7PM
September 11, 2012, Tuesday, 10AM and 2PM
September 12, 2012, Wednesday, 10AM and 2PM
September 13, 2012, Thursday, 10AM and 2PM
September 14, 2012, Friday, 10AM, 2PM and 6PM
September 15, 2012, Saturday, 11AM, 3PM and 7PM

Ticket Prices:
Super VIP – P2,500
Patron VIP – P2,300
Lower Box VIP – P2,150
Lower Box Regular – P1,850
Upper Box A Center – P1,550
Upper Box A Sides – P1,250
Upper Box B Center – P950
Upper Box B Sides – P650
Gen. Admission – P350

You can buy tickets at

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