Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Flowergirl Chronicles of Trish and Niko's Wedding

From the lens of a flower-girl's stage mom...

The newly weds and their flower girls.

Trish and Niko got married in a nice and cozy ceremony this morning at Santuario de San Antonio, followed by the lunch reception at what used to be the New World Hotel (I'm not sure what name it goes by now). It would normally be a challenge to let my "not-a-morning-person" daughter wear a gown so early in the morning, but because she absolutely felt like a princess in her gown since the first fitting to the last one, and her friends were flower girls too, Sofia was a total star.

We arrived at 9:30am on the dot,
so this is Sofia 2 minutes after waking up.
She woke up only when the car dropped us off.
The flower girls and the groom.
It was Jillie's first flower girl stint and she was adorable.
The flower girls and the stage mommies.
Sofia's a little bit more awake na.
The professionals practice walking down the aisle
to show Jillie how it's done.
Jay walking with Jillie.
Jillie is on her way palang,
Mia and Sofia are on their way back na.
Model Pose! Sofia and Mia are both Miss Congeniality,
but Jillie has the pouty model look.
Mia's 7th Flower Girl stint and Sofia's 6th.
Sofia ate her pain au chocolat for breakfast before
the ceremony started.
Resting before the show starts.
Sofia and me with Mia and her parents.
Sofia was the first one to march down the aisle.
Sofia was patiently waiting for her friends to finish marching.
Sofia and Mia were so uzi.
They were both waiting to see Auntie Trish.  
And Trish was a really beautiful bride.
Her dress was beautiful too.
The flower girls found their own space to hang out.
This was Sofia's shoes from Payless.
It matched the gown perfectly.
Jillie and her proud parents.
She was really great for her first time!
Hahaha. Sorry, this is yucky, but I couldn't resist.
My daughter was sneezing the whole time,
so the yaya would follow her around to wipe her nose.
Thank you Steve Jobs for entertaining our kids! AGAIN!
The kids as part of the entourage picture.
A closer look, with only our kids and the couple.
I think we need to teach the kids to practice "WACKY" shots.
Jillie was in such good spirits the whole time.
Lia, your magic trick is really effective. Hahaha.

We actually prepared for the reception by passing McDonald's drive thru to snack on chicken nuggets, so we wouldn't get impatient for lunch. It's really a great trick with kids if you're not sure they will like the food served at lunch.

The two hungry flower girls buttering their own bread.
Our kids preferred to hang-out with our other office mates
so Karl and Candice had a lot of quiet time.
Fif and mom.
With Auntie Trish and Uncle Niko.
Newlyweds with our table.
Din wasn't part of the picture because she arrived late.
Photo Credit: Sofia
More pictures taken by Sofia.
Mia and her mom.
Photo Credit: Sofia
These were the friends the kids preferred to hang out with.
Jillie has really good taste in bags.
Nice clutch Jillie!
Din got her own picture nalang with Trish.

After the reception and after saying our goodbyes and giving our best wishes, we were waiting for our cars to come.

Jillie was so cute as she sat down on the lobby floor kasi she was tired na.
Sofia parked herself beside the fountain because she was tired too.

Congratulations Trish and Niko! All the best to you and thank you for making us part of your special day.

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