Friday, June 17, 2016

Best Focaccia and Pesto from Monterosso Al Mare in Cinqueterre

When we visited Cinque Terre last March, which you can read about here, I just wanted to see the place and take nice photos. But when we were researching what food they're famous for, Focaccia and Pesto would always top the list so we went in search of the best ones.

We found "Il Frantoio" a place highly recommended by the locals in Monterosso al Mare, which was our first stop. It's on a side street to the right, off the main road, called Via Gioberti.

You'll see this landmark: Hotel Margherita
Just enter that small street...
Then you'll see this doorway on your left, which looks
like a cafeteria with locals... That's the place.
I'm not even sure if it has a sign with their name.
They have slabs of focaccia with toppings on the counter, you just
point to which one you want, then tell them how big a slice you want,
because they will charge you depending on the weight.
We ordered the four cheese and tomato pesto to share. I know it doesn't look
like much, but it really delivers an explosion of flavors on the mouth!
Too bad this was the first place we visited and we just assumed all the
focaccia places tasted this good.
Sofia stamp of approval.
Say formaggio!!!
It's pretty easy to look out for Via Gioberti.
Just look for Hotel Margherita with this sign.

If we were to go back to Cinque Terre, this focaccia place would be one of the reasons why. just saying.

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