Friday, August 19, 2016

Hole in the Wall Porchetta find in the city center of Firenze

If there is one thing that is unreliable about planning a visit to Firenze, it's planning where to eat during Holy Week or the days leading up to Easter. When we were there earlier this year, we arrived on Holy Thursday, and we stayed until Easter Sunday. 

A lot of the restaurants we planned to visit were not open, but since we were not expecting them to be closed, this meant we kept walking up the streets back and forth trying to look for them.

On one such day, we got so tired of the wild goose chase (since it we planned to have a late lunch, so we were starving), we decided to randomly try anything instead as we were walking along the streets in downtown Firenze. We immediately eliminate places with obvious English Menu/ menu in all languages displayed in the window as tourist traps. Unfortunately, the most promising ones had no table available so we had to walk along some more.

Until finally, we noticed this hole in the wall place with an unassuming picture of Porchetta in the window. Bingo!!! This was the place we wanted to try...

I didn't get photos of the place, but it looked like a wine store/ eatery where the dishes were already prepared, so you just pointed to what you want to eat, and they will heat it for you, so we didn't really have high expectations, thus the lack of photos.

We were told to grab a table at the wine cellar below.
It came as a surprise that the place was nice and cozy, and we clearly just
missed the lunch rush, because the tables needed to be cleaned.
Sof had the breaded Pork Chop and she was happy with it.
While Ady and I both had the Porchetta which was really yummy!
The Caprese Salad was outstanding too with tomatoes that were super fresh!

It's a nice place for wine cellar photos too...

I'm glad I now have a go to place for Porchetta in Firenze... just make sure you don't plan to visit them on a Sunday because they are closed. just saying.

Fiaschetteria Nuvoli
Piazza dell'Olio, 
15/r, 50123 
Firenze, Italy
Open 8am-9pm (Closed on Sundays)

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