Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sofia's Temple Run Angkor Wat Edition

Visiting Angkor Wat Temple has been on my bucket list. Sof and I were finally able to go last year, with my aunt, uncle and cousin.

There are a lot of temples within the Angkor World Heritage sight, and a 1 day pass costs US$20 per adult (they have options for a longer duration if you want to keep coming back to explore more temples). Luckily, entrance was free for Sofia who was 8 at that time.

Since there were other things we wanted to do in Siem Reap, like shopping, shopping, shopping and eating, we actually only made it to Angkor Wat after lunch on our second day. There was a limited time before sundown so we opted to go to the main Angkor Wat Temple and Bayon only.

Getting to the temples is easy. You just hire a TukTuk to take you, then you agree on a meeting time and place with the driver. He takes you from temple to temple, then back to your hotel in the city.

Angkor Wat

Souvenir stores beside the Angkor Wat Temple

This is where everyone takes photos of Angkor Wat to get its reflection on the water.

Off to the next Temple!

Bayon Temple

It was really humid when we were there, so me being me, I decided that what I've seen in one temple was enough to tick my bucket list. Now I can say Been There, Done That, hahaha. But Sofia definitely enjoyed the temple run.  just saying.

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