Friday, August 4, 2017

Winner 2-bite Soft Tacos from Taco Vengo

If you like Mexican Fusion food, one place you should try is Taco Vengo, a hole in the wall place in the Kapitolyo area, across the Unilab, where parking is surprisingly not an issue. 

Their tacos are really good, but you need to order quite a lot because they are small and tasty, but not filling at all.
The Honey Soy Chicken is my favorite.
Best when eaten with a bowl of veggies (I ate the veggies from my daughter's
Tempura Rice Bowl that I asked them to serve on the side) 

A better shot of the Honey Soy Soft Taco

I also had the Pork Cheek taco which came highly recommended,
but I'm not sure if I like it. I guess it's ok if you're looking for variety.

I was sufficiently full, but not stuffed with two tacos and the veggie bowl, but if you come hungry, or you don't have an extra veggie bowl, two tacos are definitely not enough.

My sister ordered the Steak Soft Taco and the Shrimp Tempura Soft Taco but she had to order another Shrimp Taco because she didn't get full. Best to get your order right the first time because their service sucks.

The Shrimp Taco is another popular choice, but I found it too greasy.

The service was so bad our starters, which we ordered way ahead of the tacos, as we were still waiting for my brother to arrive, came after everything was served and they only informed us at that time that they had no stock of the cranberry and cheese quesadilla.

We ordered the nine-layer dip and it was totally not worth waiting for.

I guess Taco Vengo is okay if you just stick to their two-bite tacos, and order the correct quantity when you arrive so you don't have to wait long twice. just saying.

Taco Vengo
16 Williams, Mandaluyong, 
1554 Metro Manila

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