Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie Brown Café Hong Kong

I'm a sucker for cute cafés, so we were quite excited to try out Charlie Brown Café across our hotel in Hong Kong, especially when Reena said that our rooms at Park Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui came with one free coffee at Charlie Brown Café everyday. Hooray for freebies.

We finally got a chance to try it out on our last day before leaving, even if we had to drag ourselves out of bed to do it.

Charlie Brown Cafe is on Ashley Road
The store front is small but the place is quite big when
you climb up to the second floor.

They did a good job on ambiance.

The best part about character cafes is you get served really cute food.
I got a Linus Latte because Sofia got a more complicated character.

I think the breakfast set meals were just ok. But Reena and Umi has really yummy looking risotto-like rice meals that made me very envious.

I wouldn't mind coming back next time we're in Hong Kong, even if there's no free coffee. just saying.

Charlie Brown Café 
58-60 Cameron Rd, 
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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