Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Little Princess

First Fitting for Trish and Niko's wedding.
That's just the skirt lining... but she wore it like a gown.
I am so proud!

Some facts:
1. Sofia is a professional flower girl.
2. I am a stage mom.
It's like the chicken and the egg. It's hard to say which really came first.

When Sofia was just a little over a year old, she was flower girl for my godfather Ninong Tinggot. He's the older brother of my dad so it was pretty easy to twist his arm. I just kept assuring him that when it was time for him to get married, my daughter would already be walking. Hahaha. 
And walk she did!
April 2009

The next wedding in our family was when my cousin Marky married Alay. It was the first marriage in our generation. They wanted a simple wedding with no frills and none of the usual entourage. We did some arm twisting there too... with the help of my mom's twin, the mother of the groom, so Sofia was flower girl again and this time, she was already two years old.
You can already see what happened to the flowers of the flower girl!
October 2009

Then we moved to Singapore. This has not stopped us. I promised everyone planning to get married that we will fly home to attend their wedding if Sofia was part of their entourage. Hahaha. Pressure much, but then my daughter makes a pretty flower girl so I think it's win-win.

Flower girl for Tito Al and Tita Jackie.
October 2010
With mom at Auntie Dindin and Uncle Ram's wedding.
September 2011
Sofia and Viele were flower girls at Auntie Cha and Uncle Man's wedding.
February 2012

One of our trade secrets is strategic influencing :)
We may have campaigned a bit.
Sofia with Auntie Trish at Tito Al's wedding.

Here are more behind the scenes photos from Sofia's first fitting for Auntie Trish's wedding.

Sofia was amazed at her transformation in the "gown" lining.
Patiently standing still while being measured.
She looked so pleased.
She couldn't stop smiling.

That's all folks. We no longer need to fly home to be flower girl, so if you need us, just call :)

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