Monday, December 16, 2013

Ashi's Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Party

Ashi celebrated her first birthday yesterday with a Hello Kitty Party at the Fun Ranch Main Barn, due to Man's love for Hello Kitty. I was just thinking, it's a good thing, Cha and Man didn't have a son, otherwise it would have probably been a Dear Daniel Party.

Mommy Cha made the Hello Kitty birthday cake and all the cute cupcakes.
Pwede na pang Hello Kitty Town or Sanrio PuroLand Cafe!
Birthday girl with Mom
Auntie Chipsy needs to make her own baby na. Hahahaha.
Kyle was quietly sitting by himself, kasi he was busy hoarding all the
Cloud 9 chocolates. Hahaha.
Shobe Vianna with Achi Viele and Achi Sofia
And this picture was brought to you by the letter F:
Faith, Farah and Frank
All the kids (and some moms) with the birthday celebrant.

Ok na sana yun entertainment eh, until the brought out the snake. Yes. The snake.
That's me, sort of hiding. Hahaha.
Then the next thing I know, Yaya is asking for the camera because my little girl is holding the Snake.
Viele, Sofia, Ivan the Magician and the snake
Barkada Picture
Ashi was so cute when it was time to blow the birthday cake. She was clapping her hands when everyone was singing Happy Birthday.
These three girls really loved using all the free ride tickets they got.
Last to leave the Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday again Ashi. Tell mom and dad kelangan mo na ng kalaro. Hahaha. just saying.

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