Sunday, December 22, 2013

Play with Thomas and Friends at The Little Big Club in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

When we went to Hello Kitty Town a few weeks ago (which you can read about here), we also got the added bonus of visiting The Little Big Club which occupies the top two floors of the same complex in Puteri Harbor.

The Little Big Club entrance is on  the Third Floor
It's home to Thomas and Friends (Fourth Floor), Pingu, Angelina Ballerina
and Bob the Builder.
There's a stage on the third floor where you can watch shows depending
on the schedule. We caught the tail end of Thomas and the Fat Controller.

On the third floor, the are different play areas for the different characters.

Angelina Ballerina
You can get dance lessons at Angelina's Dance Studio.
Just refer to the activity schedule.
You can still enter the place if there is no class scheduled.
Tutus are available for the students, and you can pose and take pictures.

There's a Barney Clubhouse and big play area.
Barnie's friends are up on the tree. Kids are playing in the school room,
and Ninong Tim was napping in the gazebo.

Pingu's Igloo was a heaven for arcade lovers
Pingu and friends
Play to your heart's content. No tokens required. But no prizes either.

Bob the Builder
There is a big Bob the Builder Playground.
You can feed the crane a block, and see how the crane works.
There are also a lot of soft blocks that you can play with to build stuff.
There's also an eating area behind the escalators,
though it's more of a drinks and ice cream area.
We just left Ninong Tim with Barney. He was still snoring.

Thomas and Friends

I was able to take a quick look around the Thomas floor, but Sofia was only able to ride the train because we planned to come back after Hello Kitty Town, but we never got the chance to come back.
There's a playground near the train tracks.
The highlight of course, is the Thomas the Train ride.
Sofia riding on the last carriage.
There's a hot dog snack stand in front of the train ride with refreshments
and other snacks.
Other rides include Thomas' friends, which I think are suited for the younger kids, except for the bump cars which adults seemed to be enjoying too.
Ride on Bertie the Bus
The different trains, in the form of bump cars.
Fly in Harold the Helicopter
and the Windmill (aka Ferris Wheel)
Ride Colin's Crane
Eating wise, it seemed like the had the most meal options at McBunn Cafe, which is also located on then Thomas floor.

I wish we could have spent more time there, but I hope this post gives you a flavor of what you and your kids can enjoy at The Little Big Club. 

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