Monday, December 23, 2013

Jumping on the Rainbow Loom Toy of the Year Craze (without the Loom)

Sof's been sick at home for a few days now. However, even if I keep her at home, she's still her normal rowdy self, so it's a challenge for me to think of ways to entertain her and keep her busy where she's sort of required to sit still.

Several weeks ago, my friend Vice mentioned that her daughter Viele has a new toy called the Rainbow Loom. She said it was all the rage now in the States and she described it as a kit to make friendship bracelets from rubber bands. I didn't really pay attention until I saw a rubber band bracelet in the car, so I asked Vice, did Viele make one for Sofia? but it turns out, it was given by one of Sofia's classmates, so it seems this Rainbow Loom thing is quite popular in my daughter's school.

Fast forward to a few days ago when my daughter first had a stay home because of her fever. She requested that I buy balloons for her - so I made a quick trip to Regina's (a curio shop in Greenhills with so many cool things at affordable prices) where I just asked my driver to double park since parking in Greenhills during the Christmas season is a scary thought to grab the balloons and while I was waiting to pay, I saw atleast 4 people grabbing rubber band packs like crazy, and someone was asking - does this come with instructions, and I overheard the sales assistant answer that it's all available on youtube.

So on my way out, I sent Vice an SMS saying, I think they're selling Rainbow Loom stuff in Regina's. I wasn't able to look well since I was in a hurry, but I think a packet of rubber bands was only Php45. I told myself, I would go back after the Christmas Rush so I could investigate further and buy Sofia some.

Unfortunately, the next day, Sofia still had to stay at home because of her fever, and since I had to go out for a dinner, I told my driver to pass Greenhills again and double park so I could bring home some rubber bands for Fi as her get well soon surprise.

The rainbow loom bands were such a hit, even if you need to make do with the crochet hook (and do it manually) as I don't think the Rainbow Loom (original toy with actual loom) is easily available in the Philippines.
This is the fishtail design which Sofia calls her Sharktail bracelets.
This is the simple bracelet design that Sofia is so proud that she can
make own her own. Since it doesn't look as nice as the more complicated
designs, we just embellish it with beads.
The packs of rubber bands sold in Regina's look like this.
They come in packs of 120 bands with hook (Php29) or
in packs of 300 bands with no hook (Php45).
Each pack of rubber bands come with 12 S-clips (clasp).
Once opened, we transfer them into Ziplock Bags.
Yes, this is part of my Ziplock stash from Japan.
These are the beads that we use to embellish the simple bracelets.
(thanks Holland America Lines as these are Sofia's excess beads from the cruise)
Sof really concentrates on making her bracelet because she can make
one all by herself.
She even has a system for making pattern designs.
The nice thing about this project is there are so many
ideas on what to make on youtube.
We now know how to make a snowflake or flower charm.
We keep all the bands organized in the clear carrying case
(Thanks Auntie Tians) and Sofia keeps all the finished
bracelets in her new pouch (Thanks Auntie Chipsy)
because she already plans on bringing them to school
to give to her classmates.

Even Lola Yaya Naling and I had fun making them. just saying.

Regina's Gift Shop
Greenhills Shopping Complex
2nd Level, Unit 18-19, Shoppesville
+63 2 725-9325

You can visit the official Rainbow Loom website here.


  1. Hey! Just to let you know, there are Rainbow Looms here in the Philippines! Toys 'R Us in TriNoMa offers them for 900 pesos. They also have refills (600+ pcs.) for 180 (with 24 C-clips).

  2. The nice thing about this project is there are so many
    ideas on what to make


  3. when i go to regina the original rainbow loom price is 299 pesos but in the mall is 899 pesos buy in reginas its very cheap

    1. are you sure it's original?

    2. Given the price, it's clearly not "Rainbow Loom" branded bands.

  4. thick silicone loom bands special colors, tested safe in Singapore.. dont any how use other toxic stuff