Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Coley and Fi's Christmas 2015

I haven't been blogging as much as I normally would, with napping high on my agenda in between commitments this holiday season, but Christmas is always love, so here are our photos from this year's gatherings... before the year ends.

Christmas started early with the Annual Cliquish Christmas and Tim and Kim's Birthday Treat, in Cha and Man's new house.

RTM dinners are also known as little girls play date.

SEAA Girls x Couerls 

SEAA Christmas Lunch (and unplanned visit to the boss' weekend home)

Circle of Trust Dinner, with the most over-priced Grade 8 Ribeye Wagyu Steak Ever! It either wasn't Wagyu or it wasn't Ribeye. Service was quite good though, they gave us a discount we didn't ask for when we showed them the pictures of what they served us after we asked for the bill.

765 Christmas Reunion and early birthday celebration for Shobe Rachel

Christmas Eve with the Tansengcos, or should I say fourth generation Tansengco Kids

Christmas Turkey Dinner at home

Post Christmas Dinner with Jem and Tim and our special someones. 

And lastly, Post-Christmas brunch with my Londree loves.

I can proudly say that to all these Christmas Events, I wore my Wanderlust Sandals - Athinas Sandals prototypes. (starting with the RTM Dinner, which was the day I got them - and all through the new year I suppose!)
The Legendary Tansengco Clan Christmas 2015 Photo where you
can see my Wanderlust Athinas Sandals better than the people in the back.
Hope your Christmas was as Merry as ours, and hope your footwear was as stylish and as comfortable as mine... but there's always next year.  just saying.

Wanderlust Sandals
Instagram: @wanderlustsandals

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