Friday, September 16, 2016

La Ventana in Dempsey for Spanish Fusion by a Michelin-Chef

When I lived in Singapore, I didn't really like going to Dempsey Hill. While there are a lot of nice restaurants, it's not really accessible, so you need to take a cab, and during that time, Uber wasn't born yet. 

During my last trip to Singapore, I had an errand in Dempsey, so I excitedly researched to find a new restaurant to try and I came up with La Ventana. A restaurant of Chef Charles Gaig, a Michelin-starred chef from their family run restaurant in Barcelona. His daughter manages their Singapore restaurant which serves some of the dishes that has been in their family since 1869. 

They give you free hummus and bread basket.
We ordered the canelon one of the dishes they have been serving since
1869, and with melt in your mouth pork, foie gras and truffle, you really
can't go wrong.
An order isn't big, but we shared it so we could try other dishes.
It is so yummy with the warm crusty bread.

For the main course, they have different Paella options, some with noodles too, but I really wanted to try the Pigeon Paella.

I also wanted to try their version of suckling pig served with a side salad of strawberry with balsamic dressing.
Crisp Skin, Melt in Your Mouth Tasty Pork.
Seriously best Suckling Pig I've ever had.
Everything we ordered was so good and went so well together, with
the refreshing strawberry to cut through the fat, which allows you to eat more.

For dessert, we had to order the Catalan version of Creme Brulee because it is also one of the family recipes from 1869.
It has lemony syrup at the bottom, cream, coffee Ice Cream
in the middle and the torched sugar on top.
You need to get from top to bottom for the full taste.
It's good, but if you're cutting down on sugar, it's
something you can skip.

La Ventana opened in Singapore in 2015, and is quite popular they are now open every day of the week. Reservations recommended. If this was open when I lived in Singapore, I think it would be enough to convince me to go to Dempsey. just saying.

La Ventana by Carles Gaig
16A Dempsey Road, #01-01, 
Singapore 247695
Reservations: 6479 0100

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