Saturday, September 3, 2016

Two Days Food-Tripping and walking around Florence with Fi

I brought Sofia to Florence with us because I love the place. The highlight for her was the transit through Pisa, which you can read about here, but in Florence itself, it was more of the food, since we didn't really do anything for kids.

Our favorite restaurant in Florence is Trattoria Zaza. You can read more about Trattoria Zaza here.
Sof loved the Carborana.
It's the first time I saw her devour pasta that is not her
favorite Baked Spaghetti.
She enjoyed our steak with truffle cream and arugula too!
Our standard Trattoria Zaza order also includes the Seafood Risotto
with fresh truffles.
Happy first meal in Florence!
We loved it so much, that was where we had our last meal too!
Unfortunately, this time around we actually had to line up.
We discovered their truffle menu while waiting in line.
It led us to try the Asparagus and Truffle Risotto, but the Seafood one was
much better.
We discovered that they had really good dessert though.
Tiramisu for the win. They assemble this on the spot.
It's actually the Tiramisu Cream that's the winner.
You can have it with Fresh Strawberries as well.

When in Florence, my other destination is The Mall. You can read about the Outlet Store finds in The Mall here. It's a game of luck though, because I haven't been able to buy as much as I did the first time I went to visit.
Starting them young.

After The Mall, where pickings were so slim, we actually had time to go back to the city and have a late lunch, we discovered the winner Porchetta at Fiaschetteria Nuvoli.

Then we stopped for Gelato at Gelateria Carabe which you can read about here. Sadly, they just run out of Dark Chocolate and Chili Ice Cream the day before. That one was my favorite.
I got coffee and limone and the guy had to ask if I was
serious because he said it was a weird combination.
We also visited GROM, which is now proudly-owned by Unilever. Hooray.
They have the best Salted Caramel Ice Cream
in the world!
These two chocoholics always order chocolate, be it hot or cold.

It doesn't matter what country we're in. Bookstores are always a hit.
We visited the one by Academia.

We also went to the one in Piazza della Repubblica.

We made it to Piazzale Michelangelo, where Sofia wanted to do a video. You can watch it here:

Pictorial with the Naked Dude:

Winner view of Florence.

One of my favorite places in Florence is the Mercato Central. It's normally just open until lunch time, so plan to visit earlier in the day.
Sofia was so thrilled to meet the newscaster from Radio
Toscana who was live on air from the mercato.
He even lent her a mike for the photo.
Now if only she had that for videos. Hahaha.
Ady and I hoarded Truffle Products and Cheese!
There are restaurants that offer tasting platters, but you can just ask them
for free taste.
A visit to the mercato is not complete without lunch from Nerbone.
Best Value for Money dish in Florence.
You can read about it here.

Sofia finally found something she really loved about Florence at the Mercato San Lorenzo Leather Market, which line the streets around the Mercato Central.
I let Fi buy everything she wanted, I just helped her bargain. 
We didn't really get a discount, since the seller saw my
how much Sofia loved her bracelets, but we got him to
give her an extra one as a gift.

We spent the rest of our time walking around Florence and enjoying the place.

I think Florence is so beautiful, and the food is so yummy, and there is always leather shopping for everyone, that no matter what age you are, you will enjoy it. We didn't even have to do anything for kids yet we still had a blast. just saying.

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