Friday, June 19, 2015

Hole in the Wall Top Picks: Bad Bird and Scout's Honor

A few months back, I got a chance to catch up with Din and Rochelle, who at that time were my soon to be mommy friends. I just realized, we didn't even take any photos of us. We were so busy figuring out what to eat and catching up as it's been quite a while since we saw each other. That was also, quite a long time back, because Din has already given birth, and I think Rochelle will be following soon.

Welcome 1 day old Baby Yana! So happy to finally meet you, cutie pie!

While I was not able to take any photos of us, I managed to take a few photos of what we ate. Hahaha. We had dinner at the Hole in The Wall, the posh version of a food court of Century City Mall (a fairly new mall along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati).

I'd say the most popular place there, if you were to judge purely based on the length of the line, was Bad Bird, selling Umami Fried Chicken.
With that much flavoring (umami), how can it not be good?
We ordered one of the sets with waffles.
Note: waffles not worth the calories.
and we also ordered one of the sets with fried rice and kimchi.
and additional coleslaw on the side
The fried chicken was a hit. We ordered the mild version because I was sharing with 2 pregnant mommies, but I would also want to try the spicy bad bird in the future.

For variety, we looked for other things to order and share. 
We tried Liberation Shawarma.
Do you want to take the True Test of Love?
I love shawarma, but this one I didn't like at all, and I didn't even put the
true test of love sauce in it. It just smelled too pungent, and tasted the same
way it smelled too. Hahaha.

Another thing we tried, which I read about was the Salted Egg Chicken Wings from Kwong's Provisions. I love everything Salted Egg, and I thought it would be similar to Singapore's Chicken with Salted Egg Sauce.
It turned out to be chicken wings fried with some salted egg paste,
served with plum sauce.
We were overflowing with all versions of Fried Chicken for dinner, but the Salted Egg Wings do grow on you. Goes well with the plum sauce too if you're into eating salty sweet things like me.

For dessert, we were all looking forward to trying the famous make your own cookie by Scout's Honor. Though they do have ready to eat stuff that look interesting as well.

We ordered 2 make your own cookies.
They have different cookie batters which you can choose from.
Then they have a lot of choices for toppings.
I think you can choose up to 3 kinds.
These were our cookies before and after baking.
I love the idea of freshly baked cookies upon order, but nothing still beats the chocolate chip cookies we make at home. I think the main difference is the Scout's Honor version is sweeter, made even more so by the toppings we chose since we wanted to maximize the 3 choices.

Scout's Honor also has different flavors of milk which you can pair
with their cookies.
Cookies and Milk for the win!

If I were in the area, I would gladly go back for a Bad Bird and Cookie and Milk fix at this Hole in the Wall. just saying.

Bad Bird
Kwong's Provisions
Hole in the Wall
Fourth Floor, Century City Mall 
Kalayaan Avenue 
Poblacion, Makati City

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