Friday, June 26, 2015

Casa Brindisa if you're in the mood for Tapas in London

When I used to go to London many years ago, the only thing I remember about the food, is that they have the best Chinese food in the world! When I lived in Paris, I didn't really get home sick much for Asian food, because I got dimsum for weekend brunch every time I visited my Aunt in London, which was pretty often.

Visiting London now is a totally new experience for me when it comes to enjoying a different cuisine.

When we were there last February, my sister's friend Mia took us to Casa Brindisa, her go to place for Tapas because we just wanted something light to eat for our last night in the city.

We just ordered a few small plates, which psychologically makes you think the food is not enough, even if you're not really hungry, so you order more to over compensate, and then you end up really full. Hahaha.

We had boquerones (which I skipped) and some croquetas (which we
ordered more of, hahaha).

They have classic tapas dishes which they do well.

But they also have other things, that I really loved.
Fried Cheese
Grilled Octopus Leg

They also have heavier dishes, but also served tapas style.
Lamb Cutlets
Bacon or Ham wrapped Pork which was really good
For dessert we had Crema Catalan to share.
Thanks Mia and Matt for treating us for our last dinner in London.

Casa Brindisa has several branches in London, and their menu slightly differs. We went to the South Kensington branch, which is right beside Comptoir Libanais, another London favorite of mine you can read about here.

Overall, it's a good place to go to if you're in the mood to have Tapas in London. just saying.

Casa Brindisa
7-9 Exhibition Road, 
London SW7 2HE, 
United Kingdom

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