Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Floral Inn Hotel Namba in Osaka

I've been to Osaka several times in the last few years, and while food and shopping (when the shops are on sale) have been surprisingly affordable, it's normally finding a hotel in a good location that has remained to be expensive.

If money were no object, my favorite hotel is Swissotel Nankai Osaka. It's right on top of Namba station, so getting to and from the airport is very convenient with a direct train, plus you can't get any more central than that. Their rooms are also very big, not like a typical Japan Hotel, but their rates are also in line with the 5-star amenities.

The other places I've stayed in were okay for the price difference, but the location was never as good as the Swissotel. Our most affordable lodging was when we lucked out on an Apartment for 4, near Namba station (still a 10 minute walk). You can read my post on that here, but that's only an option if you're a group of 4, and if you're willing to sleep on bunk beds. But I must admit, that apartment was really cheap! 

The other hotel we've stayed at which we also liked was Best Western in Shinsaibashi. You can read my post on that here. The only catch is again the distance. You still need to walk around 10 minutes to get to Shinsaibashi. (Maybe just 5 minutes to Tokyu Hands) The rooms are also the normal Japanese shoe box size, but I wasn't expecting any different for around US$100 a night (if you book early).

So I was really happy with the hotel we stayed in the last time. We booked around 8 months in advance, and we were able to find rooms at Floral Inn Namba for a little over US$100 per night. For Japan, if you find a room at that price range in a location you want, just grab it. 

The best thing about Floral Inn Namba is the location. If you're familiar with the Namba area, it's located right on the main street Sennichimae, diagonally across Bic Camera, in between Namba Station and Dotonbori. You have the best of both worlds because Namba and Shinsaibashi become an easy walk. 

The Main Lobby is on the second floor, but there is an escalator that goes downwards in the morning, and upwards after noon, but there is a lift at the back, before the stairs, which you can use anytime for your luggage (or if you're lazy).
They have Origami for sale. Of course Sof bought some!
and a scale to know if your luggage is overweight.

While location is the best part for me, room space comes a close second.
The room, surprisingly has a lot of free space after the bed.
There was space for the table, our luggage, and space to spare for Sof to play.
The view from our room was Bic Camera across
the intersection.
and Don Quixote on the other side.
The bathroom was typical Japanese.
We had a small fridge which we filled with our
favorite breakfast staples.
We had some variation of this for breakfast every day.
There's a convenience store just below, but we normally went to 7-11 or
Family Mart on the corner 5 minutes away.

View from the room in the morning.
This is us on Sennichimae Dori.
I think for now, this is my new favorite hotel is Osaka. just saying.

Floral Inn Namba

1-9-7 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, 
Osaka 542-0074
TEL.+81 6-6484-0339

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