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Maginhawa Food Finds: Gerry's Jeep for Boodle and Breakfast and Pies for Pies

Yesterday was Independence Day, it turned out quite timely that we actually had lunch at Gerry's Jeepney, a place along Maginhawa St. on Teacher's Village that's now a new hub for hole in the wall restaurants along side the residential homes.

Gerry's Jeepney specializes in Filipino food, presented in Boodle Fight form, a military style of eating where the food is placed in the middle of a long table lined with banana leaves, and everyone just starts eating using their hands.   

When we got to Gerry's Jeepney, the crew of
Balitang K was also there to do a feature on them.
Inside the gate, it looks like a Jeepney terminal, where people can eat
inside the jeep, but it is probably better to sit here at night when it's less hot.
They have long tables.
They also have jeeps with several short tables.
The jeepneys have different themes, and our favorite is the Manananggal, a local folk lore popular when telling local ghost stories about a woman - whose body gets cut in half.
Can you spot the difference:

Day off si Ate.
Selfie (fail) with the Jeepneys
They also have a Sari Sari Store
(Neighborhood or Mom and Pop Store)
This is what a Boodle looks like. You can wash your hands
before and after eating if you opt to eat by hand, but cutlery is also provided.
The Boodle Set Menus range from Php680 (for 2-4 pax) up to
Php1680 (for 6-8 pax) and are named after popular Philippine Jeepney Routes.

They have a small air-conditioned sitting area, so we just walked around taking pictures while waiting for a free table.
The kids and Auntie Chipsy playing sungka while waiting.
and the game continues... even after we got seated.

Service was quite bad, so the wait was very long. Much longer than the 20 minutes they promised to prepare the food, so were quite happy to play sungka and dama for Balitang K's camera while waiting. If they don't cut us out, you can watch us when they air the show tomorrow. Hahaha.

The boodle is prepared in the kitchen, so it's actually delivered
ready to put on top of your table like this.
Uh oh, without knowing the serving sizes, it looked like we under-ordered,
but surprisingly, we even had leftovers. 
My sister and I are not really fond of seafood (and the sets all contain seafood) so we just ordered the Ayala Boodle Set for 2-4 people, and added Pork Liempo, Sisig, Gising Gising and Pancit Canton.
The food was good naman, Sisig (pictured here) included.
The order of Liempo was just more fat than meat, but it was perfectly charred.
It's Sofia's first Boodle Fight experience so she was asking
where we eat, and when I told her we all eat on the banana
 leaves in front of us, she said "I think this is weird."
Boodle Fight Na!
Tim gives Gerry's Jeepney a Thumbs Up!
Just go on a weekend or holiday, so you won't mind the wait. just saying.
Words of Wisdom you only get when you ride a Jeepney in the Philippines!

Next up on our Maginhawa Food Trip, was our search for a dessert place. Since it was a very humid day, we were looking for somewhere cold, that also served coffee to go with dessert.

We wanted to try Iscreamist, a place known for serving
Ice Cream prepared through molecular gastronomy.
But we were not willing to line up outside to try it.
Iscreamist is on Magiting Street, off Maginhawa. So we're saving that for next time.

We considered trying out the churros at Sancho's but we wanted something cold and coffee so we nixed that idea as well and we ended-up at good old Breakfast and Pies. The last time I ate there, I wasn't really happy with their food, which you can read about here. But since I love the Ricotta Ensaymada (now Php35!), which I was planning to order for take out anyway, I was willing to give their pies a try.
In fairness, the Key Lime Pie, Smores and Butterfinger Pies all hit the spot!
Just stay away from their Gruyere Apple Pie.
Vice said, it even looks better than it tastes, and she was being kind.
But seriously, try baking cardboard and apples with skin, then try eating it.
After our food trip, let's have a "who has bigger cheeks?"
The Food Trip crew is getting old. Hahaha. We quit after 2 stops this time.

We did much better with the 7 stops on our Marikina Food Trip which you can read about here.

Since we didn't get to try the molecular gastronomy Ice Cream of Iscreamist, my up and coming food blogger insisted on passing for Dippin Dots on the way home.
Dippin Dots, Now Available in pre-packed pouches
for Php100 only! Sofia loved the strawberry dots!
Over-all, quite a great way to spend Independence Day! More power to Filipino entrepreneurs who find new innovative ways to make our tummies happy. just saying.

Gerry's Jeepney
7 Maginhawa Street
Teacher's Village 
Quezon City

Magiting Street
Teacher's Village
Quezon City

Breakfast and Pies
39 Malingap Street
Teacher's Village
Quezon City

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