Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bo Tung Xeo - Grilled Beef must eat place in Ho Chi Minh

Off to Ho Chi Minh again tomorrow, and if there is anything I am craving for... it's this open-air local beef place where they cook it right in front of you called Bo Tung Xeo!

I'm so glad I mentioned to Anson, that I was going to HCMC and he recommended it because it's just a block or two away from our hotel in District 1. I can't believe Sof, yaya and I lived there for a month three years ago and we didn't even know that this place exists.

It's an open air place, frequented by locals, which also had a fairly
international clientele when we visited.
We went for the beef in marinade that
they grill in front of you.
You don't even have to do any work. Hahaha.
I love Southeast Asian countries.
This dish is only 180,000VND (around US$8 or Php380) and it comes
with salad too. 
It's best eaten dipped in the salt pepper mixture, drizzled with lime,
together with an extra order of white rice. 

We had no idea how big the servings were, or what we were actually ordering, so when we wanted soup and they recommended the seafood hotpot, we just said yes. This course is served after the beef, and since one order of beef was a bit too little, we even ordered a second one!

We were stuffed when they brought this out. Hahaha.
They also cook the hot pot for you. Everything is dumped into the soup,
except for the beef (that comes with the seafood hotpot) which is cooked
in the spoon until it reaches the desired done-ness.
That was such a good meal. Thanks Boss for humoring me and coming
along to all the restaurants I want to try.

Eat well Travel Often. Works for me. See you soon Bo Tung Xeo. just saying.

Bo Tung Xeo
31 Ly Tu Trong 
District 1 
Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam

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