Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tagaytay food finds beyond the usual pineapples and buko pie

We went to Tagaytay for the weekend around a month ago for Jem's wedding and these were our food finds, that goes beyond what you normally buy from the fruit stands lining the street on the way home or the usual buko pie.

1. Baked Chicharon from Bag of Beans
Look for Pat & Kat, it comes in a clear stand-up resealable pouch with vinegar inside. Really yummy because it has no hard parts at all, which you sometimes get with deep fried Chicharon.
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2. Goodies from the deli counter at Breakfast at Antonio's

Here are my newly discovered favorites.
  • Cheese Roll at Php35 I feel it is yummier and better value compared to their ensaymada. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but the regular ensaymada is around Php65 (much bigger, but they don't even top it with cheese), you have to buy the more expensive one at around Php85 if you want that.Though Sof swears by their regular ensaymada.
  • Chicken Liver Pate for the win! No other explanation required.
  • Strawberry Jam complements the chicken liver pate really well. Hahaha.
  • Mini-Salted-Caramel Cheesecakes cupcake sized portions of their really yummy cheesecake. I think it's only Php60 per piece. Perfect for portion control. 
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3. Kesong Puti from Mr. Moo

Mr. Moo has a few branches, you can see them on your way home if you're passing through the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa road. 
Out of curiosity, I made Tim stop so we could buy some.
Their Kesong Puti at around Php90 was so yummy. I wish I bought more.
But then, be mindful of the short shelf life.

Now, I am trying to find an excuse to go to Tagaytay again. It may be too long of a drive to just stock up on chicharon and cheese. just saying.

Bag of Beans
115 Aguinaldo Highway, 
Mendez Crossing West, 
4120 Tagaytay City, 

Breakfast at Antonio's

Aguinaldo Highway, 
Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay 4120
Phone:(046) 413 0975
Reservations not accepted

Mr. Moo

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