Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jewellery by Coley

Love for jewellery runs in our family.

When my mom was a kid, my grandmother would tell them to save their allowance or pocket money and spend it on jewellery instead of the usual toys and knick knacks that kids generally spend on, so they would go to 'Pohing' in Chinatown every so often, to see what jewellery they could buy or have made.

It was quite similar for me growing up. I used to tag along when my mom went to the jeweller, which was quite often, because on these trips, once she asked if I liked something, and I said yes, she would have it made for me! And it was even better because I didn't have to save my money to pay for it! Hahaha, If you're reading this - I love you Mama!

When I started travelling on my own, thanks to sponsored trips from Angkong, my maternal grandfather, Auntie Celita and Auntie Stella, before low cost airlines was born, one of the things I would always try to bring home from the trip was a piece of gold jewellery, because I have always thought it made a lasting souvenir.

On visits to London, my uncle would often ask me, if I converted any money that day (as buying jewellery wasn't really considered spending, but converting cash to a less liquid form). This habit has just grown exponentially together with my financial independence.

Frequent visits to my Aunt (in London), introduced me to the world of antique or vintage jewellery which you buy from flea markets. From her, I got my love for British Mobile Charms in 9ct Gold (the intricately designed ones that open or with parts that move), and every trip is a treasure hunt to see which charms I could find and afford to buy. Hahaha. My personal collection, which I now sort of share with Sofia, has grown through the years.

However, with the increase in Gold prices, it has been exceedingly hard to find gold pieces, at an affordable price, which led me to the discovery that there is a whole world of Sterling Silver British Mobile Charms out there. A few years back, I was lucky enough to find AirBNB lodgings right on Portobello road, that was flea market heaven. I ended up with so many silver charms that have been sitting in my drawer since I bought them because I just don't wear silver.

An Aha-moment came when I realized there is a developing trend towards "Gold Plates Sterling Silver Jewellery"! My silver charms had a purpose again, and with this more affordable option, I could actually share the love! Thus, this line of Jewellery by Coley was born.

I am currently working on being available online very soon. But for now, you can send me a private message if you are interested. This is seriously the best Christmas gift ever!!! And that holds true for yourself or for a loved one. just saying.

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