Monday, November 23, 2015

Flavored Lindt Lindor Truffle Balls Taste Test 2015 Edition

Are you a chocoholic? My sister and my daughter both are... so thanks to them, I get to try the good stuff.

If you thought flavored Kit Kat from Japan which you can read about here was something to get excited about, wait until you try Lindt Lindor Truffle Balls. They are my absolute favorite among mass produced chocolates!

Imagine my excitement when my sister bought me a whole bag of different flavors to try? I didn't know which one to eat first... I even figured out that I would get to try more, if I shared each ball with Sofia, so this review if actually a collaborative effort from both of us which we did over several days.

Lindor Balls from the Pick and Mix Lidnt Shop in Sydney
Let the taste test begin!!!

Scoring System:
0 - NO
1 - Not Bad with Comments
2 - Love

1. Salted Caramel - 1 Point
Coley:  1 (but a bit too sweet)
Sofia: 0 (she hates salt, which I love)
2. Raspberry - 2 Points
Coley: 0 (too sweet, lacks berry taste)
Sofia: 2 
3. Champagne - 0 Points
Coley: 0 (liquor is not my thing)
Sofia: 0 (Eeeew! - verbatim)
4. Dark Peppermint - 4 Points
Coley and Sof agree: This is love.
5. Citrus - 3 Points
Coley: 2 love
Sofia: 1 (not too sweet, whatever that means)
6. Milk and Sea Salt - 0.5 Points
Coley: 0.5! (too sweet - only the salt is good)
Sofia: 0 (No to salt)
7. Vanilla - 0 Points
Coley: 0 (too sweet)
Sofia: 0 (tastes weird)

8. Coffee - 3 Points
Coley: 2 Love
Sofia: 1 (you only like it mom, because it tastes like coffee!)
9. Strawberries and Cream - 1 Point
Coley: 0 (too sweet)
Sofia: 1 (a bit sweet)
10. Caramel - 2 Points
Coley: 1 (better with salt)
Sofia: 1 (ok)
11. Dark Chocolate - 3.5 Points
Coley: 1.5 (Ok, but extra dark is better)
Sofia: Love
12. Mint - 3.5 Points
Coley: 1.5 (dark peppermint is better)
Sofia: Love
13. Hazelnut - 2 Points
Coley and Sof: Ok, but nothing special
14. Cappuccino - 3 Points
Coley: Love
Sof: 1 (it's Ok)
15. Dark Orange - 4 Points
Coley and Sofia: Love
16. Extra Dark - 4 Points
This is our super favorite flavor! Staple in our fridge.
This can only be made better with Sea Salt. Hahaha.
But then Sof would give it a lower score!

So to recap, our favorites with 3.5 to 4 Points are:
Dark Peppermint, Dark Chocolate, Mint, Dark Orange and Extra Dark Chocolate 

Clearly, the them is Dark Chocolate and Mint!
But if you ask me, I would also recommend sea salt caramel, coffee and cappuccino flavors. 

But I think we can all agree, Lindor Truffle Balls are love. just saying.

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