Friday, March 4, 2016

1000 Count Dot to Dot and Color by Number for Adults

After the Adult Coloring Book Craze... which I think has saturated the market like the  Rainbow Loom fad, you may be asking, What's next?

Well, if you ask me... the level-up to this to help adults relax and take a break from their stressful lives are the adult versions of 1000-count Dot to Dot and Color by Number, through overlapping circles, or Querkles, by Thomas Pavitte.

My sister and I really enjoy visiting Kinokuniya in Taipei. Last trip, we bought loads of coloring books (of food and shoes and bags) which were not commonly available in Manila, since you can just color enough shades of green in an Enchanted Forest before it drives you nuts right? What kind of stress relief is that? Hahaha. Now, you can never have enough shoes, bags or food to color.

Ady discovered this just as I was paying, so of course... I bought every
kind of book they had!

When I was a kid, my favorite activity book was Dot to Dot, so I was just thrilled to buy the grown-up version, a book with scenes of Paris no less (but only goes upto 300-400 count), and the 1000 count Cityscapes and Pop Icons by Thomas Pavitte. I had such a one track mind, that after our Kinokuniya stop, I had to buy a mechanical pencil, eraser and ruler from Tailung Hands, so I could do my Dot to Dot book over coffee at the Agnes B. Cafe.
So thrilled to revisit my childhood mixed with my love for
In fact, I took my book everywhere in Taipei with me, whenever we had a
window for Tea or Coffee.
My excuse for buying all the Dot to Dot Books in the store, was so I could share with Sofia of course!
It was too complicated for her. She'd normally do a few
numbers and quit, but she likes it when we do Dot to Dot
together, and she wants to race too! Hahaha.
Can the real Andy Warhol raise his hand? :)
The 1000 count Dot to Dot is more complicated. Numbers are smaller,
and there are only numbers on the page.

The Quercles Color by Number Books are a joy to do. The picture is made up of overlapping circles numbered 1-5. You just need to use five colors, and start filling in the spaces from dark to light.
I had a sample trial page and I was instantly addicted! I started surfing the
web to find out where I could buy the other book (Masterpieces).
Ady and I both did our Pop Icons book and we started with Jim Morrison.
We don't really know him, so this book might be targeted to Gen X!
Ady did hers purely using brush pens while I did mixed pencil, brush pens,
and colored pens.
Does that look like Jim Morrison to you? Hahaha.
Mainly so Sofia could help, and brush pens are too difficult for her to control
in small areas, so pencil it is... not realizing she'd quit after 6 spots.
The Querkles (color by number) come in perforated pages too, so you can tear them out and carry them with you to kill time when you travel. Sadly, the Dot to Dot Books don't come perforated. It would be perfect if they make it in travel size too. just saying. 

You can visit Thomas Pavitte's website here:

You can also buy the books on Amazon:

Or Kinokuniya Singapore:

Kinokuniya Taipei
5th Floor Breeze Mall
105, Taiwan, Taipei City, 
Songshan District, Section 1, 
Fuxing S Rd, 39號5樓

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