Friday, March 11, 2016

Ebeneezers at BGC, not the same as HK, but also yummy!

I've been quite busy since the start of the year, and because of that, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. But when my friend Seanta (@mytummycraves) invited me to Ebeneezers I was immediately in.

Of course, I thought at first this was the same Ebeneezers we actually travel to Hong Kong to eat, but my friend was quick to clarify that it's not, but it's equally good.

Ebeneezers is in BGC, so I can already imagine that this will be our
go to place for lunch and to unwind after work once we move later this year.

Ebeneezers fuses two concepts. They have a Salad and Shawarma Bar in the ground floor that screams all things fresh.

The have a Naughty Room which has a cozy bar ambiance above with a separate bar menu.
You can still order from the Salad and Shawarma Menu of course.
Bar Bites and Bar Chow

These are the dishes I will be coming back for:
The Ebeneezers Groove (Shawarma Rice) is To Die For
It would go really really well with the Chicken Skin that you can order
from the Naughty Room for a comforting meal that definitely hits the spot.
Just add a Coke Light or Cocktail or choice to complete your meal.
The Shawarma is light, and tastes very fresh given all the veggies.
I tried the Angus Steak and Moroccan Lamb and both were good.
This would be best for a quick lunch. 
They serve the Shawarma with dressing or sauce of your choice. It's really good with Spicy Sauce dressing and the Super Spicy and Garlic Yogurt Sauce eaten with it on the side.

The other dishes worth mentioning are: 
The Falafal Balls, which are much better than the same from Halal Guys,
but you should remember to ask for the Super Spicy Sauce
and Garlic Yogurt Sauce to go with it.
If you're in the mood for something different,
the 45-day Dry Aged Burger is also good.
It was pretty cold when I tried it as we were eating with
food bloggers who were busy taking photos, but it
was still yummy and juicy when we finally ate it.

Ebeneezers is one the restaurants of Chef Tom Hines, and the group behind Catch, Hootch, Smith Butcher and Grill Room among others. It is definitely one of the bright spots of our office moving to BGC. There is now somewhere we can look forward to hang out while waiting for the traffic to subside. just saying. 

30th St, Taguig, 
Metro Manila

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  1. A bit of trivia... Chef Tom Hines was actually one of the original founders of Ebeneezers in HK. :) Thanks for the rave review ;)