Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Year Wiser and More Food Finds in Taipei

I turned a year wiser a month ago, and I've been so busy since then, I haven't really had time to blog until today. Because today is the start of my first real vacation this year. Hooray.

This is quite a delayed post, but I still want to say Thanks to all my family and friends who remembered me on my birthday and made it really special.
The sweetest birthday salubong from Fi with the worst-tasting Strawberry
Shortcake Ever. Classic case of it's the thought that counts. No pride in
finishing everything, just be warned not to try this from Costa Brava.
Was "surprised" by my family at work with a birthday lunch.
Now, the Cherry Torte from Purple Oven is the bomb!
Dinner with Jem and Ivan who opted to join us over basketball. Hahaha.
Wrapping up with dinner with Tim and Fredy when I stopped by Singapore
to meet up with them.

Back to my birthday weekend, I took a day off work to go Taipei with the family. We tried a new hotel because our favorite hotel City Inn Plus in XiMenDing was fully booked. We stayed at Go Sleep Hotel in Xining and it was okay, rooms were bigger but smelled older, the location was in the heart of XiMenDing too, but I found it too chaotic so it's not something I would recommend.

We come for the street food, and we were very satisfied.
Sofia comes for the Toilet Restaurant. Hahaha.
You can read about that here.
We have some favorites like Eat All You Can Yakiniku, Hot Pot and
Haagen Daz at Bear 1. It's cheapest for weekday lunch.
You can read about it here.

Surprisingly, we also discovered new favorites.

1. Deep Fried Taro Balls with Salted Egg Filling 
Find them at one of the side streets of Shilin Night Market.
A pack of 4 just costs a little bit more than if you buy just 1 piece.

2. Hot Star Chicken's other offerings from their Xi Men Ding Store
Hot Star Chicken is a destination in Shilin Market, as it is their first branch. However, at Shilin, there is always a long line, and the customers only have a choice between Regular or Spicy XXL Chicken. In their Xi Men Ding branch, they also have Fried Mushrooms and Fried Squid (among others) that are also yummy.

3. Dimsum and Salted Egg Pineapple Cake from Olympia Foods in Xi Men Ding
Help yourself to DimSum and pay for it per piece.
Unfortunately, this place is purely takeout only, but Dimsum was quite good.
Salted Egg Yolk Stuffed Pineapple Cake for the win.
While a pack of Pineapple Cakes range from NT$50-100.
These are NT$35 a piece! But totally worth it!

4. Pork Chop Rice from the same alley that leads to Modern Toilet Restaurant
Lane 82, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wan Hua District, Xi Men Ding
No English name, but place is crowded and you will see Newspaper Clippings of the Pork Chop Rice.

5. My aunt and Dad loved the stall selling duck and chicken parts. 
They bought loads of Duck Toungue, Neck, Feel, Heart, Etc. and they loved it. Message me if you are interested, I can ask them where it is. Somewhere in Xi Men Ding.

6. Torched Steak Cubes and Fried Squid
Must visit the food stalls at the alley just beside Uniqlo. You can't miss them, there is normally a line.

7. Old School Coffee Shops - Fong Da and Nan May
These places are very near the Red House Market at the Xi Men Ding intersection.
They serve coffee the old way, and you can buy beans and coffee accessories here too.

8. XiMen Mango Shaved Ice
If you're looking for dessert, this combination of Fresh Mango, Mango Shaved Ice and Mango Ice Cream is the bomb. Servings are big enough to share.

9. Pork Floss and Dried Pork Jerky
My mom's favorite Pork Floss store and I think she tried all the stores in XiMenDing.

Of course I had to buy Taiwanese Sausage to bring home since they travel quite well.
Thank you Taiwan, that was a great foodie weekend!
Glad the sun came out, so I could wear my Wanderlust Sandals in Taipei!

Taiwan is one of our favorite weekend destinations. With food options like that, there's no reason to ask why. That was a great #37inTaipei Trip! just saying.

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