Friday, July 22, 2016

Jakarta Food Finds from Remboelan to Potato Head Garage

In the last year or so that I have been doing this role, I've visited Jakarta quite often. Unfortunately, most of those visits are only in transit, so I don't really get a lot of time to see the place... or more importantly, get a chance to explore the food options.

The last time I had to go for work, I attended a workshop for a change, so that meant a few dinners of trying new restaurants.

View from my room
Fairmont Jakarta

Our hotel was connected to Plaza Senayan, one of the high end malls in the city. It was a blessing because it meant that we could walk to dinner, instead of get stuck in the legendary Jakarta traffic especially when it rained. I had dinner with some colleagues from the UK and Australia, so we chose a local restaurant where we all agreed there was something we all could eat (since one of us doesn't eat seafood, and another one doesn't eat fish, and the other one was vegetarian! hahaha).


We stumbled on Remboelan, a cozy circular restaurant on the fourth floor of the mall.
I immediately picked all Indonesian my favorites from the menu.
My type of Indonesian Comfort Food
My picks were: Nasi Liwet (rice cooked in coconut milk, with toppings and broth on the side), Crispy Beef (new to me) which I ordered for the Green Chili topping (my absolute favorite! Green Sambal!), together with fried squid with garlic and some vegetable dish! I was quite surprised that everything was so yummy, since I only normally eat this well when I stick to the locals. What can I say, I think I've learned to order food like a local.

We also had some rice in bamboo (for my friend who doesn't eat seafood) and another vegetable tofu dish (for my friend who doesn't eat meat).

Surprisingly our bill, with dessert, drinks and a few beers included, was only IDR630,000 (Php 2,100 or less that US$50). This place was really good value. I hope I get a chance to visit it again on future trips.

Potato Head Garage

On our last night, my friend based in Indonesia invited us to dinner, so we finally managed to explore places farther than the mall connected to the hotel.

She brought us to Potato Head Garage, which is literally a garage that was converted into a posh restaurant with great ambiance. The outside of the restaurant looked like a warehouse, but once you step inside you enter a totally different world.

Ninety percent of the menu was steak, so I guess they recommend that you have steak for dinner. No arguments from me... hahaha.
Before ordering, they bring out their steak options
with the server explaining the different cuts.
We opted to order the Indonesian Wagyu (Bottom Right) which has
an hook shaped strip of solid fat and some marbling.
It was so yummy! Perfectly charred on the outside...
served with lemon, sea salt and red wine sauce.
Nice and pink on the inside... it was also good with the Chimichurri. 
The steaks are quite big though, so it's a good idea to share. We didn't even have space to try their dessert!

If I'm not mistaken, Potato Head is also the famous place in Bali where people go to catch the sunset. I can't wait to visit that place too, because if it's anything like the Garage... it is definitely a winner. just saying.

Plaza Senayan Lantai 3, 
Jalan Asia Afrika No.8, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 

Potato Head Garage
SCBD Lot 14 (Ex Bengkel Kafe), 
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 

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