Saturday, October 8, 2016

Paper Moon Crepe Cakes by Lady M (eMy)

Lady M is a popular Crepe Cake place from New York, that recently opened branches in Asia, that people in Singapore actually queue up for. You can read about them here, I've been there twice now, without queuing. The secret is to arrive just before they close.

Now since there is no Lady M in Manila, the question is... is Lady eMy the same lady behind Lady M New York (now in Singapore and Hong Kong as well) and more importantly... are Paper Moon Crepe Cakes just as good?

Sucker for a good story that I am (as much as I love a sale!) I tried to do some research as I've read in several of the Philippine Press Releases when Paper Moon was newly opened that Lady eMy Wada, behind the Paper Moon fame, was the same lady behind the popular Lady M New York Chain.

Interestingly enough, Lady M New York - does not mention Lady eMy at all. The popular Lady M Chain, was started by Ken Romaniszyn in 2004. You can read more about him and Lady M here. There was no mention of Lady eMy, unless she was Ken's grandmother in Japan who wasn't referred to by name.

However, I did find a New York Times article, from 2001 (note this was before the Lady M chain was born), which mentions our dear Lady eMy, who has been selling Crepe Cakes for deliver in Manhattan since 1986! The only difference I found was that during that time, she used 25 delicate crepe layers filled with pastry cream in between - vs the 20 crepe layers now used by both Lady M and Paper Moon. I think it has been reduced 20% to cut of the fat, as well as the cost. You can read the New York Times article here.

Anyway, the important question is... does the Crepe Cake measure up or not right?
I've been meaning to try Paper Moon since they opened.
And that was even before I read they were somewhat-connected to Lady M.
Crepe Cake Selection that's enough to make you drool. I must admit,
 The menu looks remarkably like Lady M save for the local tweaks.
I came here for this.
Pricing-wise, a slice is around Php225, a whole cake Php2000.
It helps that they have this big poster too.
The Matcha cake looks a bit different from Lady M though.
I must admit, I love the Lady M Matcha and their Earl Gray too.
Lady M's version looks more serious. Less cute green,
if you know what I mean. Pricing-wise, it's SG$9 a slice.
It's packed in a nice take away box too.
The Strawberry Mille Crepes was excellent!
The serving is a bit on the small-side but enough to satisfy even when shared.

Dear Lady eMy, you rule! 
You truly know your crepe cakes, whether or not you're the Lady behind Lady M. They should be proud to claim you. just saying.

Paper Moon Crepe Cakes

Eastwood Mall
3rd Floor
Tel. No. (+02) 901-0020
Mobile No. (+63) 917-6250771

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