Friday, January 27, 2017

Melt Grilled Cheesery is just OK

Since I have heard about MELT Grilled Cheesery I have been dying to try it. Imagine... a place devoted to grilled cheese... how can you go wrong, right?

Well... the answer is you can't! However, I wasn't as impressed by what we had since I was really expecting to be wow-ed!

We had the Grilled Cheese Classic Melt with Bacon (off-menu)
but they were nice enough to accommodate our request.
The options looked to heavy so we just asked for
extra bacon for the win!

Maybe I wasn't as wow-ed because the three of us shared this, and to be honest, it may have been a little bitin. Hahaha.

In fairness to us, we did order quite a spread. Hahaha.
The others just weren't outstanding.
The fried mac and cheese starters were good, but you could feel how
unhealthy it was with every bite. Just give me good old mozza sticks instead.
I wanted tomato soup with my sandwich, so we ordered it separately,
and it came with this puny grilled cheese sandwich that was not worth
the calories at all. I make my sandwich at home better than that.
The soup is redeemable by the good grilled cheese

Notice there is no individual photo of the pasta.
It was clearly underwhelming.

Thank you for indulging my grilled cheese craving girls... that's what
everyone who works with me learns to do.

Happy we got to celebrate Christmas.

At the end of the day, the lesson is, stick to the basics,
with grilled cheese and bacon you can't go wrong.

There's another lesson...

Next time, I'm not sharing the good stuff. just saying.

MELT Grilled Cheesery
3/F, Uptown Bonifacio, 
36th St, Fort Bonifacio, 
Taguig, Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 946 3370

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