Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our Stay in Hydra (my favorite Greek Isle near Athens) at the Glaros Guesthouse

I am so tempted to buy tickets to go on vacation to Greece again. Singapore Airlines is on sale for their 70th Anniversary and tickets to Athens are only US$570 (but there is a CATCH). I want to bring Sofia to the land where she's known as the goddess of wisdom, and I want to visit Hydra again, the beautiful island a ferry ride away from Athens which you can read about here.

But as I mentioned, there is a catch, several actually...
1. It's via Scoot. Scoot is Singapore Airline's long-haul budget carrier, and try hard as I may, I couldn't find ANY favorable review about Scoot online... and those were just on 8 hr flights to Australia. I don't think I could survive a budget long haul flight for 14 hours to Athens... with Sofia... and no in-flight entertainment. Just kill me now.
2. The perfect time to go is in August... and I've been known to be "Mom of the Year" for allowing Sof to skip a day or two of school for a long weekend trip here and there... but a week away may just be pushing even my own bounds of what I deem to be irresponsible... though Travel brings about a whole different world of learning, and Greece is so rich in history, I'm sure Sofia will thank me one day should I decide to make that call.

Which has lead me to reminisce about Hydra... and to realize that I have not even finished blogging about this place I love so much. So unless I get lazy, or need to sew a hundred or so more shoe bags at the expense of my blogging time, I am planning to do a weekly series on the highlights of Hydra... which might help me decide, before the end of the Singapore Airlines promo period whether or not I am willing to stoop low enough to take Sof and fly on Scoot. Hahahaha.

So, if you plan on going to Hydra this summer, on Scoot (hahaha), then I have the perfect place for you to stay.  When we went, we had no idea where to stay, so we played it safe and got a reasonably priced hotel from (aka guest house), with great reviews, which was 15 meters walking distance from the port/ downtown area.

If you are travelling with a lot of luggage, you need to take note that the only vehicles on Hydra are the Garbage Trucks and the Fire Trucks (I think). So if you get a hotel in one of winding streets deeper into the Island, you'll need to get a donkey to carry it for you as it's hard to drag luggage over cobblestones.

We stayed at Glaros Guesthouse. As you can see from the photo... it's really very well located with the waterfront just a few steps away.

Our room was not ready when we arrived, but they were very willing to keep
our luggage while we explored the waterfront and went for brunch.
*Post to follow on where to eat... because there are a lot!
Oh, another catch is you need to carry your luggage up a flight of stairs if you get a room on the second floor... but I think there are only 2 stories so it's not that bad.

The rooms are basic, in line with European standards,
but clean.

We opted to pay more for a room with a balcony, it doesn't really
come with a view (I think some do), but it was a nice place to get some
fresh air.

I've read some reviews were the guests raved about the
view of the monastery.

Jane and Bri got the view with no balcony which was
slightly cheaper.


One of my favorite parts about the location is the local
bake shop next door.
It's perfect because you can just go down when you
wake up (I went down in my PJs) to grab some food.

I even enjoyed mine with a view of the harbor front.
Thank you Matina for having us. I can't wait to come back.
I just need to figure out when.

Hydra is really love and I've decided that Glaros is my home when I'm there. Now, let's see if I'll finally give in and fly Scoot before the Singapore Airlines promotion is over. just saying.

Glaros Guesthouse 

Ídhra, Hydra, 18040, Greece
*rooms start at €65 for a twin room in August 2017 in

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