Friday, May 5, 2017

P.S. Cafe an old Singapore favorite that's still so good

PS Cafe has always been a favorite for Singapore, mainly for brunch - in the beautiful Dempsey Hill branch, but it used to be a go to place for late dinner or dessert too, as their Paragon branch was a long walk from where we used to live.

When we had to work on a Sunday, and I had no idea what I wanted to eat, PS Cafe was an easy choice. It's a challenge to get a reservation for Dempsey at the last minute, so it's a good thing Paragon is convenient to visit.

To start, our usual favorite is Caesar Salad with poached egg
and truffle fries topped with parmasan cheese.
If you could only smell how good this is.

We loved it so much, we ask them to drizzle truffle oil on the fries that came
with our burger and they did :)

We ordered a few dishes to share as the servings are quite generous.

Mushroom Croque Monsieur

Bangers and Mash

Burger less the fries we added truffle oil too
More salt required. It was a bit on the bland side.
Then we had a Key Lime Pie to share for dessert because we had no
more space for something as rich as chocolate.
It was very refreshing, but better if served chilled.

Thank you PS Cafe for being a dependable source of comfort food in Singapore. just saying.

Thanks girls for making working on a Sunday fun.

PS Cafe Paragon
290 Orchard Rd, 
#03-41/44 Paragon, 
Paragon Shopping Centre, 

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