Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Comptoir Libanais

During my last trip to London, one of the places on my To Eat List was Comptoir Libanais. It basically translates to Lebanese Counter - or as their English name says - Lebanese Canteen. It has grown quite popular that it even has several branches around London.

I went to the one near Bond St. on Wigmore, when I wanted
to take a break from shopping.

It's literally just a counter. But it's a cozy place if you decide you want to eat in, instead of take out.

I was so hungry when I was there I wanted to eat everything.
The waitress recommended I have this.
So this place is totally on my To Eat list again because I want to eat this
as well. Missing tagine from my Morocco audit days.

Comptoir Libanais has become a household name. They even have their own cookbook, as well as a local deli on site.

When my food finally arrived. I couldn't resist taking pics. Everything was so good, it tasted as good or even better as it looked, or I was really hungry.
Baba Ganoush
I must admit, whole chick peas adds totally another dimension to texture.
Cheese Sambousek
Also known as Cheese Tart
Tabouleh and Organic Lentil Salad

I think I cleaned my plate, except for the pickled chili.
Then I couldn't leave without ordering the Fresh Rose
Mint Tea.
It was super good with the Baklava for dessert.
There are many kinds, but I normally like the one with flaky pastry,
and candied nuts inside. I ordered Hadath and I loved it.
BTW, the pricing for the pastries is for 4 pieces, but they will let you order just one piece, so no pressure to overeat.
It went so well with the tea that is not as small as it
looks :)
Price was very reasonable too. For London.
The good news is if you miss them in London, they have branches in
Gatwick and Heathrow too! So I was very happy to get another one for the air.

This place is totally on my Must Visit List when I go back to London in February. Lamb Tagine here I come. Then I will eat from Ady's Mezze Platter. just saying.

Comptoir Libanaise
65 Wigmore Street

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