Sunday, November 30, 2014

π Breakfast and Pies Fail, It should be called Tinaπ instead

Today's siblings lunch brought us all the way to Maginhawa Street (or I think more accurately Malingap) because I wanted to bring Sofia to see the doctor so we decided to eat nearby instead.

While there are several foodie recommended places near the area,
I've heard a lot about π Breakfast and Pies, so I dragged my siblings to try it.
I love breakfast, so any place that serves it all day,
has my vote --- until they lose it that is!
Pie is owned by the same owner as Pino which I visited before.
We were told to sit outside because the air conditioned area was full.
It was the same place we sat in when we visited Pino. You can read about that here.

We ordered our normal breakfast favorites and we had quite a hard time ordering for Sofia because her first choice of waffles and Chicken was out of stock, and when I asked if I could order Spam on the side for her (which they offer on the menu - but not as a side) they said no, so clearly, they are trained to follow rules and be in flexible, rather than go the extra mile for customer service.

While we were waiting, we looked at the pies, breads and pastries.
These are supposedly the pies they are famous for.
We were planning to order some to try...
But it was the breads and pastries that intrigued me as
we were waiting for our order, because everything
sounded good, and looked so cheap!
Our top picks to try before we saw it was the Dulce de Leche Spanish Bread,
and the Milo Pastel. 
In the end, we opted to try the Dulce de Leche Spanish Bread (Php25),
and the regular Spanish Bread (Php15) which turned out to be so much better.
Another surprise favorite was the Ricotta Ensaymada (Php25) which was
so soft and fluffy, and generously topped with cheese and  a few ricotta bits.
I also ordered a Molongo Cappuccino to go with it,
but I wasn't really impressed.
At Php70 for a single serve coffee capsule, I could make a much better
Nespresso Cappuccino at half the price. 

Breakfast only went downhill from there.
Ady and I both wanted Eggs Benny. It's a good thing we decided to share.
Worst Poached Eggs EVER! Does it look like a hard boiled egg to you?
It was so bad, Ady said that the Eggs Benny of Kanto is so much better,
and that doesn't even count as a real restaurant!
You can read my post on Kanto here.
I ordered Chocolate Cookie Dough which was cheap for (Php145),
but then it looked and tasted so bad even Sofia would not eat it.
Good thing she also had a side order of shoestring potatoes (Php45)
so she wasn't totally with no food.
Ady and I also ordered the Ultimate Bacon Rice (Php385) which I think
was overpriced given that it was severely under seasoned, (eggs included)
 and who would think you can get bacon wrong!?!
They served the bacon with some bacon jam, and call me ignorant, but I really didn't get how you're supposed to eat it with the bacon slab and the rice? Were we supposed to mix it all in?

I tried eating it with the Ricotta Ensaymada, and it was okay,
but the Esnaymada was still much better without it.
Timmy had the Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa (Php245) with Kimchi Rice
and I think he thought the Kimchi Rice could have had more bite.

Over-all, the breakfast was really such a disappointment that I am not sure my siblings will ever trust me to choose where we will eat again, hahaha, while they remember this. It was so bad, Ady, the dessert queen, refused to even try their pies!

Good thing I found a few things I liked, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip.

I was able to buy Spanish Bread and Ricotta Ensaymada for breakfast at work tomorrow. As I mentioned in my title, they really should just change their name to Tinaπ instead. just saying.

π Breakfast and Pies
39 Malingap, Teachers Vill QC
Open Daily 7am-10pm
Call 2121212 for Delivery
Call 4411773 for Reservations & Pickups

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