Friday, December 16, 2016

Cucina Peruvia

Since our office moved to Fort, I've had a 10% bump in my close to non-existent weekday social life. It's much easier now to meet up with friends for dinner, because all I need to do is stay in the office until dinner, then I walk to where we want to eat.

One of the places we tried was Cucina Peruvia because I thought we shad a company discount, which unfortunately was no longer honored when we tried it out. Interestingly, the owner/chef is Jem's cousin but it was also her first time to try it out.

Dinner with Mau who was in for a week from KL.
Mau arrived early, so I just walked down from the office to catch-up with her, unfortunately, the starter recommended by the server was so bad (some fried quinoa chicken balls) we were tempted to change restaurants, but we were too lazy to go elsewhere.

Things looked up after Jem arrived because she did her research and we ordered dishes that had good reviews.
Potato with sauce starter. Just ok, but much better than the first dish.

Now, the mains were really good! Servings were very big too!

Arroz Verde Con Pollo - Highly Recommended!
Lomo Saltado - Highly Recommended too!
Imagine Salpicao with Potatoes. Yummy.
Brochetas de Pollo - Highly Recommended too.
Honesty, you can live on those three dishes alone.

Adobo Peruvia had good reviews, but I just preferred the other dishes better.
In my opinion, you can skip this unless you are looking for more variety.

We wanted dessert, but when the same server that recommended the sucky starter suggested something, we decided not to trust her taste so we left instead. Hahaha.

So nice to see you Mau. Thanks for treating. Ivan owes us a birthday treat!  just saying.

Cucina Peruvia
Ground Floor, Bonifacio One Technology Tower
Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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