Friday, December 23, 2016

Recession Coffee The first Pay-What-You-Want Craft Coffee Shop I've visited

My sister and I normally have lunch in Eastwood on weekends, because it's the only place I'm willing to drive to without a driver. We normally do lunch in one of our usual places, sometimes we also get our nails done, and when we are out of the house too long, we also need to find good coffee.

I like trying new coffee places and Recession Coffee inside Digital Walker has always been on my must try list.

We were a bit confused though when we tried to order, and we saw the sign below. It was also confusing for our Barista, because my sister handed her her PWD ID so she could avail of the discount.

Then the Barista explained to us that it was a Pay What You Want concept, and we should just adjust the PWD discount by ourselves. It was a bit embarrassing trying to figure out what to pay, without knowing what you're getting and looking like a cheap freeloader. Hahaha, I even asked the lady if I could try their coffee first but she said that was't allowed.

We decided to pay a Php100 bucks each for our coffee initially, then adjusted what we wanted to pay through the tip jar.

The flat white is quite good. I love it that they even make an effort with the latte art even if you order it to go.

They also have Scout's Honor Cookies and Pastries but for those, you can't pay what you want. just saying.

Recession Coffee
Orchard Road, Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City, 
1110 Metro Manila, Philippines

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