Thursday, April 6, 2017

Loved the Flat White at Sarnies

Off to a few weeks holiday. Looking forward to all the eating we plan on doing. Passing through Singapore but not long enough to grab a flat white from Sarnies. Perhaps on our way back we can.

Sarnies is one of the coffee shops that have been converted from shop houses in the Telok Ayer Area. It's a bit understated in a sense, compared to all the hipster places sprouting up left and right, but they have a loyal following because their coffee is really good.

The space inside is small, but they were quite busy for 3PM and
most of their clientele was foreign.
A lot of people came in to order lunch to take away.
Funny though because as I was there, this guy got a stick,
and started covering up the lunch menu with a curtain.
Voila! Lunch time is over. Hahaha. He did the same thing with the window,
he opened it slightly, so I guess the AC was too strong.

Can you spot the elephant on the wall?
I guess the mismatched not really put together vibe is it's own charm.
I'd come for the Flat White anyway. 
Maybe on my return flight I can. just saying.

*This blog is on a break, just like I am! Enjoy my previous posts and Happy Easter,

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