Friday, April 21, 2017

Singapore's London Fat Duck

For a restaurant, or actually anything to be successful, having a good product or service is one, but the more important thing that will determine your success is you marketing concept.

I think London Fat Duck - a local restaurant in Singapore has done that extremely well.

Fact 1: London Fat Duck is a LOCAL Singapore Restaurant. Hahaha.
The London in their name is a marketing gimmick, riding on the hype and expansion into Singapore of well-known Duck Restaurants like the Four Seasons Restaurant famous for it's boneless roast duck. You can read about Four Seasons Restaurant in London here and their expansion to Bangkok here.

Fact 2:  London Fat Duck
While the Restaurant does not originate from London, they claim that to use IRISH DUCKS, and they call it the Wagyu of Duck riding on the popularity of Wagyu Beef worldwide. Seriously, before this restaurant started their marketing campaign, you would never hear the term Wagyu of Ducks, or Fat Ducks from Ireland. Hahaha.

But in fairness to them, their strong claims make you curious enough to try it, and once you do, they deliver.

I first tried their roast duck as take away, because Sofia wanted to eat elsewhere. It was very tender and tasty, but the analogy to Wagyu might be stretch. Don't worry, it's not priced like Wagyu anyway so it's not like you're getting ripped off.

My second chance to try London Fat Duck was take away again, because I was rushing to catch a flight and I just had to pick up our Salted Egg Chips from Irvin's on my way to the airport, and they had a branch within the same area in Vivo City.

Since this was totally unplanned, I just ordered some Black Pepper London Duck Buns to go, since I heard this was also a popular product.

It's quite good... You'll like it if you like Black Pepper Dishes and
Tim Ho Wan's BBQ Pork Buns as it's a good fusion of both.

During our last trip to Singapore, I finally got to try to eat at London Fat Duck in Vivo City.
London Fat Duck is Tim's favorite duck place in Singapore.

Assorted Roasts

It tastes much better than it looks... The duck is fairly consistently.
unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to ask for the spring onion and ginger
sauce because that would have made it so much better. 

Sofia and I give London Fat Duck our stamp of approval, but I think the Boneless Roast Duck from Four Seasons is still the best, or most convenient to eat. just saying.

London Fat Duck 
*Multiple Branches in Singapore
1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-29
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6221-6689

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