Friday, June 23, 2017

Ebeneezer's Revisited and Discovering new favorites

We used to go to Hong Kong every June, because Sof and I used to enjoy the same June 24 Holiday. Me because our office used to be located in Manila, and the 24th of June is Manila Day, Sof because there are no classes for San Juan on the 24th of June because they celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist with a Water Festival and they wet anyone walking around San Juan on this day (exaggeration of course).

Good thing, we had more than our fill of Hong Kong when we went for Timmy's birthday and I celebrated my birthday there. Among our favorites (first meal always in fact, since we arrive around midnight) is Ebeneezer's! Though this time around we happened to discover new favorites.

The Roast Lamb on fries, Hummus and Garlic Roti are
all clear winners.

Actually anything with their flavorful lamb and green sauce is a winner.
The fries just make them so much better.

We asked them to set aside a few fries without topping for
Fi but they generously gave her one whole order for free.

Van who allegedly wasn't hungry still managed for finish the Roast Lamb
with Rice, and he didn't even offer us! Hahaha.

I think the hummus and breads are all new to the menu.

The Garlic Butter Naan was yummy too. Good thing we decided to add
this, because it was still all gone even if it arrived much later.

Good job Ebeneezer's with your menu expansion. Also loving your new bigger and brighter location on Prat. just saying.

6-8A Prat Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong

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