Friday, June 30, 2017

Shwe Sa Bwe Fine Dining Restaurant and Culinary School in Yangon

One of the places we tried during my trip to Yangon last year was Shwe Sa Bwe, a fine dining culinary school, which is run by local Burmese students who work for free under the supervision of their teachers so they can hone their craft in the hospitality field. In other words, Shwe Sa Bwe gets free labor, in exchange for teaching the students who can't afford to go to culinary school using their own means.

Ambiance-wise, like most fine dining places I've tried in Yangon, the place is a nice newly renovated old house where you can still enjoy it's local charm.

But I don't recall being overwhelmed with the food. The have a 3 course menu that changes every 2 for 39,000 Kyats, which is a little less than US$30, or a 2 course menu for 35,000 Kyats, so for the small difference, it makes more sense to order 3 courses.

They give you an amuse bouche for free.

I may just have made not so good choices.
I got lentil soup which was just ok.

Then I got the veal with biryani. I found the veal good, but I think it was
a wrong decision to order something which looked very similar to my starter.

I think they can improve on their menu options so the customer doesn't end up making choices that I did, or maybe I'm the only one who minds because I am weird that way.

I must say dessert was the definite highlight and I'm glad I sort of convinced everyone to order different things so we could try everything.

Sticky toffee pudding

Strawberry Tart and Raspberry Sorbet

Passion of Persimmon
But I must say, it was the poached pear with
Toblerone Sauce tat was truly outstanding.
They end the meal with a bite of chocolate mousse for dessert,
again for free.

I remember I also loved the bread and we kept asking for more. Hahaha, which turns out they buy from L'Opera, which you can ready about here. Over-all, I think the concept is great, I just wish they come up with a more memorable menu in the future. just saying.

Shwe Sa Bwe Hotel & Restaurant Training Centre
20 Malikha rd, Yangon
01 661 983

Opening Hours
12pm to 2pm
Tuesday to Saturday

6pm to 9.30pm

Tuesday to Sunday

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