Friday, August 17, 2012

My little Singapore Girl

It's funny, because when I would take Sofia to travel with me, she would get quite confused when asked "Where are you from?". The answer is obvious enough to her when people ask her when we are in Singapore, because she answers Manila, but when we are in a different country, she gets confused about whether to answer Singapore or Manila. I told her we can answer both :)

When we moved to Singapore close to three years ago, Sofia was much younger and she preferred living in Manila more, but in time, she adjusted well and also treated Singapore as another home.

Sofia's school celebrated Racial Harmony Day last July, and she had to come to school in any Traditional costume. I bought her several ones, including outfits from India, Morocco and Japan, but I thought it was fitting for her to wear a "cheong sam" reflecting the Chinese influence in Singapore. I even had to rush to Chinatown the night before because we were cramming as usual, but we managed to find a really nice, simple dress that was comfortable enough for Sofia to agree to wear it the whole day.

The phrase "Singapore Girl" is from Singapore Airlines, referring to their graceful and sophisticated flight attendants. Looking at Sofia in her costume reminded me of that sentiment, but packaged in the miniature version.

Sofia in her Cheong Sam.

We were ordering some dimsum from her.
It was a nice outfit for eating at Jumbo with the Schaperos.
Happy to watch the water creatures before they became the next meal.
Teacher says this is the curious look.
Ninong Jacob was teaching her how to make the "Gansta" look!
We could overhear Ninong Jacob saying that the fish that get caught will die. Hahaha.
I can't resist taking food shots when we go to restaurants.
This is the Mango Duck salad.
The plum sauce dressing is a bit overpowering.
It was the first time we ordered scallops in yam rings or yam rings with scallops.
They were super duper good with the honey sauce.
I couldn't resist telling Fif to pose with the abandoned cart we saw.
Making fishy face!

On the way to school, I was able to take more pictures of Sofia with Singapore's skyline.

Behind her is the MICA Building, which I call the ROYGBV building.
It was previously the Hill Street Police Station.
The CBD in the background from Boat Quay.
Maybe Sofia will be a Dove model someday.
The illusion that she's poised is shattered when she tries climbing up the posts! Hahaha.
I love how dramatic this shot looks.
I also took some pictures of Fif with her classmates in their costumes for Racial Harmont Day in school..
Sofia with Edsel, one of the kid's in the younger class.
Best friends hugging.
Vedant's nanny had to tell him to to smile so big.
(refer to his smile in the picture before).
Sofia sharing snacks with Raima, her almost every day mall date.

Sofia has adjusted really well to moving back to Manila. She likes her school a lot, but she still talks about her Singapore friends. I think one of the good things about living in Singapore is that it's such a cultural melting pot that exposed Sofia to friends from different races and cultures. Racial Harmony Indeed, for my little girl who was a Singapore Girl for at least a short time in her life. Just Saying. 

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