Thursday, August 2, 2012

The best Tonkotsu Ramen in Singapore


I used to only occasionally wanted to eat Ramen, sometimes on a rainy day, but after eating really yummy Ramen at Ippudo, which I still think is the best Ramen in Singapore, Ramen became one of my favorite comfort food when I allowed myself a carb-cheat-day. 

I was curious to try Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King in Tanjong Pagar because I've read posts of my friends on Facebook raving that it was better than Ippudo. 

The place is quite small so they will not seat you unless your group is complete.
It's a small cozy place in Tanjong Pagar.
The menu is simple, plain Tonkotsu Ramen (with the flavor anything but)
and a version spiced with black pepper and one with red chilis.
The ambiance feels like an authentic ramen place in Japan.
I dragged Ady and Carol because I wanted to try it.
They also offer a noodle refill for SG$2 (around Php68)
They give you sesame seeds to ground because they claim it enhances the flavor of the broth.
Then you fill an order slip per person with your preference.
The sesame was better as entertainment for Fif.
I didn't really notice a flavor enhancement.
This was our orders.
I was tempted to order the one with the seaweed for the photo op,
but Tim and Ady reminded me that the review said it added a fishy taste.
Instructions on how to eat sesame.
I ordered the black Tonkotsu Ramen expecting it to taste
like Ippudo's Miso based Tonkotso.
The pepper was strong enough to induce a fit of coughing.
I diluted mine with alternate sips from Tim's bowl of plain Tonkotsu that was very good.
The come on of this place is unlimited boiled eggs and beansprouts,
surprisingly really good topping to their Tonkotsu.
I think this was before my coughing fit.
I think I ate half the been sprouts in the jar.
I tried the sesame trick to see if it would redeem it, but it didn't.
You have an option to order the flavored egg, cooked in the Japanese style.
See the difference in the yolk consistency between the free and not free eggs?
The only reason I liked it was because I could eat less carb ramen,
stuffing myself with ramen broth, bean sprouts and boiled eggs.
I really like how they decorated the place.
I left all my noodles and all the fat that makes the broth flavorful.
Despite my wrong order, I still enjoyed the ramen a lot,
but everyone in our group had leftovers.
Sofia doesn't like Ramen but her Ninong got her a slurpee for dessert!

I can't wait to go back to Singapore, so I can go back to this Ramen Place and order the original Tonkotsu this time. And we have only been in Manila for less than a week. Hahaha. Just Saying.

Just for the record, Ippudo still has the best Ramen because I like their miso based Akamuru Tamago Ramen. But the original Tonkotsu Ramen at Keisuke is the best of it's kind for me.

Keisuke Ramen Tonkotsu King
1 Tras Link
01-19 Orchid Hotel
Open Daily: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm
Best to come early or on the weekend as I hear the lines get quite long with people from nearby offices.

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