Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We love Saboten's Tonkatsu and Goma Salad Dressing


Saboten is my favorite Tonkatsu place in Singapore because aside from it's really Tonkatsu, I love their bottomless shredded cabbage with Goma (sesame) Dressing. When I was in the Philippines a few months back, one of the new restaurants getting a lot of hype was Yabu because they were one of the first in the Philippines with the Tonkatsu concept. I wasn't really very happy with our visit because they compromised on their Goma Dressing, watering it down so it came across tasting like cheap-mayo with some sesame essense. For someone pretending NOT to eat carbs like me, the quality of my salad is as important as my main course. Anyway, I digress, you can read my post on Yabu here, so now back to Saboten.

Saboten is a Japanese Chain present different countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.
Almost all their meals are a variation of Tonkatsu.
They have the sesame seeds you grind for the sauce.
Sofia loves doing this.
There are a lot of Tonkatsu restaurants in Singapore because
they have the best Goma dressing and they are not stingy with it.
Sofia's standard order is the Kid's meal in the Miffy plate.
The plate, cabbage and dressing are always served cold.
It's so yummy. I can finish a serving bowl on my own and more.
I think we ordered the Saboten Special (to share with yaya).
Tenderloin, Pork Loin with Fat, Crab Cream Croquette and Ebi.
She gets the rice, I get the greens and we share the other stuff.
Ady and Carol ordered a Pork and Ebi Tonkatsu set.
The Ebi Tonkatsu is normally seasonal and is very good.
The shrimp pieces are big and it doesn't look like they put in a lot of extenders.
This is the difference between the Pork Tenderloin and Pork Loin (with fat).
They are both good.
Then they have the Tonkatsu sauce that you add to the ground sesame.
Green Tea to finsh off your meal.

All main course orders in Saboten come with refillable Rice, Shredded Cabbage, Goma Dressing and a serving of Miso Soup, Hot or Iced Green Tea, and a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream. A set meal would roughly cost SG$20-25 (Php700-850) but in my experience, an order would be more than enough for one person. You can opt to share a bigger main course, and just order free flowing Rice, Cabbage and Soup for a token fee.

Saboten is inside Parco Marina Bay (P3-01 in the Department Store)
in Millenia Walk, #9 Raffles Blvd
Open 11.30am-10.00pm

The good thing about Saboten's location is that there is a Cafe Ma Maison on the ground floor of Parco, so don't stuff yourself too much with Tonkatsu, because the pies in Cafe Ma Maison are to die for. Just Saying.

We had to take away our pies and eat them at home because we were too full.

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