Saturday, October 13, 2012

Greeka Kouzina birthday lunch

I gave birth to Sofia five years (and a week) ago, very close to midnight. I remember I was rushed to the hospital at 8:00pm (then you just sort of lose track of time and consciousness) and the first thing I remember asking after I gave birth was " What time is it?" to determine my daughter's birthday.

Sofia was born around 11:00pm so she ended up sharing my good friend Chipsy's birthday. Every year since then we would kid each other about who was going to pay for Sofia's party. I guess it was only one way teasing then. Hahaha, coz only I would benefit from that.

Since I took the day off to spend with Sofia, and Chipsy also took the day off to relax on her birthday, together with another friend, we all decided to go out to lunch to celebrate Chipsy's bday. Since Sofia wanted to join us, it became a double celebration.

We tried out a friend's newly opened restaurant, Greeka Kouzina, in P.Guevarra, San Juan that has been getting rave reviews.

Our dream: to be the ladies who lunch.
Right now, only one of us can lunch at leisure.
The birthday girl.
Sofia loves calling Chipsy amah (or grandma).

The food was good. The servings were big and the price was reasonable.

We ordered calamari. It was nice and tender.
Chicken Souvlaki Php 320
Paidakia (lamb ribs) Php520

We also ordered grilled chicken (but we were too hungry and forgot to take a picture). They serve 2 generous pieces of chicken with no bones for Php390.

Each main order comes with a free side dish that can also be ordered at Php180. The serving size is big enough for a main course for some, so orders are generally good for sharing.

Pasta with lamb meat balls.
Eggplant Moussaka.
We brought the cupcakes from Sofia's party and birthday candles and asked them to surprise our birthday celebrants. Sofia already ate her fill and fell asleep.

Happy birthday to you.
a little bit more awake.
Making a wish. Let's see if it's granted by next year.
Sofia and me.
But you can see the restaurant's clean colorful feel in the background.
I love the lamps.

Greeka Kouzina 
P Guevarra St
Little Baguio, San Juan
(02) 216-3731

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