Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korean Farting Doll

I like browsing online using the flipboard app on my iPad. It is synced to my facebook and twitter accounts so everything posted by my friends is laid out like a magazine together with other articles.

I was just browsing through it one day, then I stumbled on a video someone posted about Kung Suni, a super duper adorable doll that farts from Korea.

Sofia and I probably have the weirdest sense of humor because we watched the ad over and over because we found it so funny. It was also timely because my friends were going to Korea a few weeks after we saw this so I asked them to buy Sofia one for her birthday.

Sofia kept asking me if she could already open her birthday gift because she wanted to play with her pooping doll. I had to remind her it only farts not poops but I finally gave in since it's her birthday week anyway.

Excited much.
Wow! It looks just like the doll in the video.
Feed it cereal, press the tummy, then it farts!
It comes with a magic cereal spoon.
Sofia named her new baby Arabella.
Such a nice name for a farting doll. Hahaha.

I haven't paid my friend for Arabella yet so I am not sure how much she costs. When I googled, I vaguely remember a post saying that the doll ranges in cost from around KRW22,000-40,000 (a little less than a thousand pesos to less than two thousand pesos). I'm pretty sure I was only willing to buy it at the lower part of that range.

That's not all! The Kung Suni farting doll comes with other fart inducing food.
Fold your own food.
This toy is proudly made in Korea, China.
I didn't know Korea was in China. Hahaha.
I bet the Chinese Sweat Shop that made this didn't know that too.
just saying.

Thanks for buying Sofia's gift Auntie Amah Chipsy (as the kids fondly call you)!

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